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Will the Mercedes of the Future Come with a Crypto Wallet?

 If you have a crypto wallet, why don’t you consider an opportunity to invest your money in a top-notch Mercedes? The smart car is equipped with advanced IT solutions making using financial services much more easier.

The future becomes closer every day. Mercedes-Benz is hard to develop a car that comes with the best crypto wallet. Daimler, an owner of the Mercedes-Benz brand, seems to be hardly working on connecting customers’ possibility to use financial services in top-notch automobiles. Which a better means can be found than a crypto wallet? So, let’s take a closer look at how the crypto wallet technology will be implemented in the Mercedes of the future. 

A blockchain-powered cryptocurrency wallet development is a part of Daimler’s sustainable corporate strategy aimed at creating a smart and safe future for those who have crypto coins. Daimler is cooperating with startups on connecting two quite independent worlds: IT and automobile industries. 

Technology Behind the Mercedes of the Future’s Wallet

Among the latest technological offerings, there is so-called Mobility Blockchain Platform (MBP) for mobility services which is a decentralized software platform enabling offering and managing mobility as a service with end-to-end encryption. One of the features of the Mobility Blockchain Platform is a Hardware Wallet which is a digital wallet for cryptocurrency. It allows to make a car completely automatic and even handle financial transactions autonomously from a car owner. This Hardware Wallet is a creation of one of the Austrian blockchain startups Riddle & Code, a European Blockchain startup specializing in interface solutions Daimler is cooperating with.

                The Advantages of Crypto Wallet

What can the Crypto Wallet be used for and how can it ease human life? The “smart crypto wallet” technology gives a possibility to:

  • exchange data with charging stations and parking zones
  • exchange secure traffic data (avoid congestions)
  • pay for smart city services.

In general, a crypto wallet itself is nothing new but incorporated in the automobile device it gives wider opportunities for car owners making driving much more convenient. Also, you can trade cryptocurrency Ethereum or any other crypto to make some cash. If you manage to make enough money, you can invest it in Norske Casino

When using a hardware wallet for cars based on blockchain technology, the data is registered in the environment. The smart cars will be equipped with telematics command modules and sensors that allow recording the performance of the car. 

The good news is that these smart solutions can help in managing car accidents, improving police efficiency and so on. Integrated into trucks, luxury cars, and buses, the crypto wallet will help to take the renting and fleet management to the next level. 

Will The Mercedes of the Future Be Secure?  

Riddle & Code CEO Tom Furstner said that the technology implemented in the Mercedes of the future must be a part of the company’s sustainable corporate strategy to be trusted. While these cars will be using electronic devices operating car owner’s sensitive information, they simply need to feature smart solutions securing blockchain-based identity for the vehicle. How will this goal be achieved? Every car of the future will be using a code approved by the right authorities. It means that, on the one side, the car owner can feel safe if he has a state-issued vehicle identity. On the other side, he is secured with the cryptographic hardware. 

Riddle & Code, a hardware wallet developer, claims that the wallet will be not an optional feature but a mandatory requirement for car owners. Daimler is also planning to release a special cryptocurrency to encourage drivers to use the digital wallet in order to create a sustainable future. In addition, if you have some Blockchain-certified knowledge, you can trade cryptocurrency to make some money and put it in your digital wallet.

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