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Vivokey : Password and Access Key to all Devices

Vivo key is the latest innovation that will be making use blockchain technology in identify which person own an account or device.

One of the difficulties faced in the growing digital world is managing passwords and access codes to websites and devices.

Vivokey seek to act as substitute to keys, access cards, identification badges, and login passwords making use of a secure chip that will be implanted into the human body.

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What is Vivokey?

VivoKey is a platform for digital identity, authentication, cryptography, and payment applications secured with implantable subdermal NFC devices.

VivoKey uses strong, standards based cryptography in an implantable cryptobionic device to secure your identity and your transactions. This is because the founders think that as technology get easier, it will be easy to spoof biometric identiers.

Vivokey brings to you a secure subdermal identity platform that marries the robust data protection of cryptography with the convenience of biometric systems .

How Does Vivokey Looks Like?

Vivokey does not have have a battery. Thus no charging is required and subsequently does not require replacement. It is also NFC compliant, This means that it is compatible with all NFC enabled smart phones and works with our VivoKey mobile app to perform authorizations and identity validations.

The Innovation of Vivokey Technology

We believe in real people, not user names, avatars, or passwords. While writing up technical documentation for pending product releases, in many places we substituted the word “user” for “person”.. as in, “when the person is logged in”. It sounds strange to hear “person” used instead of “user”. We hope to change that.

In addition to the innovation in coding to replace users by person, Vivikey will change the identification process in the following ways

  • Passwordless Login: Computers and other devices will be accessed without using passwords.
  • Keyless Access: They will be no need for keys. You will be able to oepn the door of your house or car with the wave of a hand.
  • VIvokey Badge: Use as an NFC enabled ID badge and access card
  • This cutting edge technology makes use of block chain technology which will protects your bits and bytes
  • Vivokey innovation equally looks forward to enhance secure banking and payment in the financial sector with little efforts.

With Vivokey, you will be able to access your devices and accounts easily by even waving your hand . As the technology is development other innovations will be included. Lately it was announced on the twitter page about an automation hardware to step up the implant manufacturing process. We will keep you updated with this technology. You can equally stay updated using the links below:

Website: Facebook: @vivokey Twitter:@vivikey

What are your thoughts about Vivokey Effortless identification technology?

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