Top 20 Cryptocurrency Exchange Accounts You should Have

There is need for a cryptocurrency exchange account if you want to stay updated with the trends and innovations in the cryptocurrencuy industry powered by block chain technology. It is very easy to exchange your bitcoin for cash today, but exchanging bitcoin or fiat to other cryptocurrencies require you to have an account on some particular exchange that has the currency you need or that is reputable enough to hold your money. There are a good number of Bitcoin exchange websites on the internet. However, there is still no exchange where we can have access to all the cryptocurrencies.
Cryptocurrencies are digital currencies created to facilitate transactions over the internet. These currencies are not own or control by a central bank like the tradional currencies (naira,rand,CFA ,dollar,euro, and others). Bitcoin is the first cryptocurrency created in 2009 by Satoshi Nakamoto,thanks to the block chain technology which is the technology behind all cryptocurrencies and crypto assets today. It was easier to exchange Bitcoin on any site back then without creating multiple accounts. Today with over 1000+ cryptocurrencies listed on coinmarketcap among others, there is need to create accounts on some major exchanges so as to stay in line with projects you are intereseted and to trade the best coins for profit making. In todays post, we have selected some of the exchanges we had been used to buy and sell cryptocurrencies.

The search on the internet today is not restricted to ”where to buy bitcoin” it has extended to ethereum,litecoin,monero,Naga,Indigen,NEO,Bitcoin cash,Dash,Zcash,smart cash,dogecoin,verge and the list continues as new currencies and assets are being created everyday in the crypto world.some of the top website where you can buy and sell bitcoin are Coinbase,BTC China,Bitstamp,local bitcoin,paxful,crypto africa trade among others depending on the country where you are based.
Caution: Beware of Scammers when trying to buy or sell Bitcoins Online !!!!
Today we are going to see the sites that allow bitcoin trading together with other cryptocurrencies and assets. Before choosing to join an exchange, some points need to be considered:
*fees                                                   **availability of trading pairs you are interested in,
***verification requirements,         ****geographical  restrictions,                                 *****exchange rates,

1. Binance

Binance is a chinese based cryptocurrency exchange . Binance trading fee is 0.1%. It supports most of the chinese cryptocurrencies.These is one of the best cryptocurrency trading platform at the moment i am updating this post with more than $1 billion traded in 24 hours.
Binance has four major markets;Bitcoin(BTC),ethereum(ETH),Binance coin(BNB) and Tether(USDT). These means you can buy any cryptocurrency using BTC,ETH,BNB and USDT.

Binance has an app on playstore which permits you to trade on your phone at your convenience. We will do a post on trading on binance in the days ahead. Verifying my account was easy on this platform. However it might not be the same for everyone.

Orders on binance are processed at a very high speed . You can only deposit crypto on binance( No fiat deposit is available).Binance easily accept new tokens compared to the other top exchanges.
Binance gives airdrops,offer promotion where users can win cars and cryptocurrencies, and promote new cryptocurrencies.
The exchange interphase is very easy to use as it is neat,organises and presentable.
Gettting started with Binance is very easy
i. Create an account and secure it.                                                                  ii. Deposit Bitcoin or any crypto you have that is available on Binance
iii. Verify your account to increase withdrawal limits                                iv. Trade and make profits.
 Official website:    

Twitter :  @Binace2017
                        2. kucoin

Kucoin is a digital cryptocurrency exchange where you can buy and sell your digital assets. This platform is know for it popular giveaways ranging from free coins to cars. Unlike the traditional charts that  you see on the homepages of most cryptocurrency exchange platforms, Kucoin  homepage is well design(bright and attractive) to display latest coins,promotions,and others.
Kucoin has it service center based in China according ( cryptocompare)  .Kucoin is available in English,Chinese ,Russia,Portuguese,Korean,Japanese and Netherland. I consider these exchange as the enxt Binance as there list new coins quiet often. Unlike Binance, Kucoins Provide the following markets( NEO,ETH,BTC,USDT,KCS and BCH). Kucoin equally has its own cryptocurrency called kucoin shares.
A unique feature on this exchange website is that it display  the fiat value of every cryptocurrency making you to follow up your investment without using tracking apps.
There are so many coins that are  listed on this exchange weekly, With the number of users on the platform, it is a  coin to make profits. Some coins like Canya, COFI were first listed on Kucoin before getting on other exchanges.
You can get started on kucoin by creating your account and start trading in some few minutes.

Twitter: @kucoincom

  3. Coinexchange

This is  third exchange i ever used after bittrex and poloniex. Coinexchnage is another great cryptocurrency exchnage platform. Fiat deposits are not allow on this platform. This exchange support Block chain start ups by listing their coins before they get to the popular exchnages like binanance,bittrex and others.
The platform is gaining a lot of popularity . The platform is easy to use and you can see your recent trades for any coin on the buy/sell page The company has as goals to offer secured trading to it members,make their website easy to use ,provide a a good customer support and to stay up to date with the innovation in the cryptocurrency industry.  This is why we at will recommend this platform.
Coinexchange has a good number of cryptocurencies which can be bought with : Bitcoin,ethereun,dogecoin and Litecoins( Martkets).
Always watch for the troll box as most members shill coins . Do your own research and analysis before buying any cryptocurrency/asset. For the monement the site is available in English language .
I had been trading on these platform and doing withdrawals with no verification documents. You can get started too by simply signing up for a coinexchange account.


Twitter:   @CoinExchangeio
                                          4. Cryptopia

Cryptopia is an interesting cryptocurrency exchange platform. I created a cryptopia account after participating in the elctroneum ICO.
Cryptopia is a another great cryptocurrency exchnage that offers P2P exchange service company. The company had been around since 2014.  Even though it is considered as the exchange for small cryptocurrencies, you can get some great cryptocurrencies here.The company is based in ChristChurch ,New Zealand.
In addition to the exchange services ,cryptopia exchange service, you can benefit buy spend your crypto in the  Cryptopia Mraketplace:     A market for computers,funiture,cars,jewellery among others. A single account is needed to access these services. Once you create an account you will equally benefit from paytopia, arbitrage and coin info which are extra services offered to cryptopia users.
This platform  allow deposit only cryptcurrency . Fiat deposits are not allow at the moment. Crypto offer a reward system based certain coins you trade on their platform. Users can always check out their reward page to stay up to date.
Guess this is enough for you to get started with this exchange platform.  Create an Account on Cryptopia and start trading.
twitter: @Cryptopia_NZ

5. COSS ((Crypto-One-Stop-Soultion)

COSS ) is another crypto currency exchange that offer its services beyond exchange. The Coss plat form (Not fully developed) is made of a system that is made up of cryptocurrency payment gateways, market cap ranking system and e-wallet for cryptocurrencies. What makes Coss stand out is that  Coss offers  weekly Token-Based Fee Split Allocations  and   trading promos featuring the most-recently issued crypto-tokens. If you want to know more about the COSS platform you can visit the site here. Or Download the coss whitepaper here Let us get a brief about the COSS exchange service below.
For the moment COSS offer two major markets(Bitcoin and Ethereum.) Thus yu can buy your favorite cryptocurrencies using bitcoin or ethereum. Fiat deposit is not allow as of now on the platform. Only cryptocurrency deposit. The exchange interphase is user friendly and easy to use.
Eventhough the platform is still new, it has a lot to offer to crypto traders and Crypto investors.  It is worth trying Coss Exchange. A review on this platform will be done in the future by our team.

Website: https:

twitter: @cosscrypt

  6. Cobinhood

Cobinhood is the first zero trading fee cryptocurrency exchnage platform. This you can buy and sell your cryptocurrencies on this platofrm at no cost. As a typical new cryptocurrency echange, the platform has developed its own coin called Cobinhood has three main markets as of now (BTC , ETH and USD). The echange interphase is quiete interesting as traders can see their balance whil gtreading as oppose to the other platforms where you need to migrate to fund/balance page to see you balance.
You can deposit cryptocurrency as well as store them securely on Cobinhood. You can trade some good ctryptocurrencies including NAGA coin . The trading platform is design to be auto scalable and readily available for traders to have the best experience in trading cryptocurrencies. It is characterised by three main features, which include;
i. ZERO Trading Fee Cryptocurrency
ii. Exchange Crypto Assets Deposit Secured
iii. High Performance Order Matching Engine
Trading on Cobinhood gives you just another cryptocurrency experience and their zero trading fees makes it irresistible.  May be this can be the next generation cryptocurrency. The days ahead has a lot for us. You can equally Get Started  by checking out their website and creating your account.


twitter: @cobinhood


                                                    7. Tidex

This is an interesting platform . I was able to trade Tit
anium blockchain (BARS) on this platform. Since then i have developed more interest in the platform   based on the fact that so many new and top coins are listed on the platform after ICO.
Tidex is a UK based bitcoin and altcoin trading platform officially endorsed by the waves platform. This means you can trade your favorite digital currencies and assets on the waves platform on Tidex. On Tidex you an buy cryptocurrencies with Bitcoin,Ethereum , and Waves.  According to Tidex on Bitcoin Talk  the company equally have an office in Russia. We will be glad to get clarifications if any.
There are equally markets for USDT,WEU and WUSD available but with trading pairs less than 20 at the money i am updating this post. . Being a waves endorsed platform makes it an exchange worth using as you might have coins that are not found else where.  The trading page is equally simple to use and users can switch between day and night mood easily when trading.
Tidex offers a loyalty program where top traders are being rewarded. In their loyalty program, users are rewarded with Tidex tokens. Tidex token holders are then given discounts base on the amount of tokens they are holding. You can earn up to 50% discount on trading fees  as seen on the table below.
Tidex Tokens                                       Discount

0 – 999 0
1000 10%
1500 15%
2750 27.5%
4000 40%
5000+ 50%

The loyalty program is an exciting  and as traders making the most out of our investment is a necessity.  This is why a Tidex Account is worth having as a cryptocurrency trader.


Twitter: @tidex_exchange


Bittrex is bitcoin and altcoin trading platform , that provides individual and businesses the opportunity to buy the best cryptocurrencies and digital tokens. Trades are executed at an extremely fast rate and the exchange platform is extremely simple to use. This is actually where i executed my first trade in the crypto trading world.
Bittrex is a top trading platform well known by crypto traders world wide. It has top coins in the crypto industry and is considered as a privileged exchange to cryptocurrency developers. This US based platform is worth using as security is a priority.  support algorithmic trading. If you are interested in getting some hot coins like Pot, The Hempcoin, Basic Attention token ,peer coin and Golem, then Bittrex can be a good place to do so.
The homepage when login always display the top grading coins in terms of volume and highest gains . This help you to stay updated with the market trends on bittrex exchange.  Bittrex offers three major markets: Bitcoin, Ethereum and USDT.
Twitter: @bittrexexchange

9. Poloniex

Poloniex is a cryptocurrency trading platform based in the United States of America. The platform offers a trading fee of .25% . You can trade the germ coins on Poloniex. Polioniex offers exchange services, margin trading and lending.
It is an exciting platform to execute a trade on .Poloniex is a cryptocurrency trading platform based in the United States of America. The platform offers a trading fee of .25% . You can trade the germ coins on Poloniex. It is an exciting platform to execute a trade on .
On poloniex, you can buy your favorite cryptocurrencies with Bitcoin, Ethereum,Monero and USDT. These are the major markets as of now. Poloniex is well know for it trading charts and worth trying.
Poloniex are bittrex had been the  most talk about cryptocurrency exchange platform. Things are gradually taking another dimension with the evolution of  technology in the crypyo industry.Below are the links  to stay up to date with Poloniex crypto currency trading platorm.
Twitter: @poloniex

                                         10. Huobi Pro

Huobi Pro is  a decentralized digital asset trading platform for cryptocurrency  investors all over the world who are  committed to discovering high-quality digital asset investment opportunities. Huobi provides trading and peer-to-peer transaction services. It is headquartered in Singapore and has a subsidiary in Hong Kong, both operated by Huobi international team.
Huobi Pro is a cryptocurrency exchange  that has service centers in Hong Kong,Sigapore,Chengdu,Beijin and Tokyo.
Huobi is a decentralized trading platform . Decentralized platforms are open source and considers the privacy of the users.
The exchange allow Cryptocurrency deposits. The exchange platform equally have a USDT market .Users of Huobi Pro can trade on the Go thanks to the Huobi App on both Android and Ios. One great features is that it considers security of clieents. The advance distributed system architectur built to protect againsta DDos and other threats is unique. The Company had been around  since 2013 and is worth trading on it.  Huobi will soon have a digital currency just like Binance, kucoin and  COSS.
Most of the trading pairs on Huobi are equally found on  the exchanges seen earlier. The crypto world is full of news and adventures. Some day you might get news that will require you to execute a trade on Huobi. You don’t need to wait till that moment as sign ups might not be allow as the case with Bittrex in January 2018.   The trade volume on Huobi is above $1 billion dollar . Its worth trading on Huobi.
twitter:  @HUOBI_Pro
Happy to see you up to this stage of the post. The first 10 cryptocurrency exchanges above represent the ones i and my team highly recommend . We will another 10 or more after this first ten. In the crypto world you cannot rely on a single exchange for your holdings. You need to create accounts on different exchanges so as to benefit from the profits being made as a result of some special coins listed on these exchanges.
There is no exchange at the moment that holds all the cryptocurrencies in the market.     Even the trading platforms that you hate you might just find yourself creating an account there because your favorite coins is listed on it after ICO. This is why we will keep going so as to discover more exchanges for digital assets. We will equal discover the decentralized exchanges which everyone is what is needed in the crypto world now. Click on 2 below to discover them

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