The Blockchain and IA Africa Conference 2020 is moving Beyond the Propaganda

We hope that you are ready to welcome the disruption that Blockchain Technology and Artificial Intelligence (AI) is currently presenting as part of the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR). Behold, they are shaking up the status quo of several industries. These two have the sky rocking potential to manifest in many spheres of operations. AI’s business value in Africa has been estimated to surpass $45bn by the year 2025. With a strong population of about 1,3bn, Africa is standing a chance of leveraging its demography to bolster development.

About 60% of Africans are below the age of 25, and the continent as a whole has a growing-working age population. In simple terms, it is a widow of opportunity for economic growth. It could also be leapfrogged with AI. This makes it increasingly necessary to understand how this growth is being translated into real-world commercial solutions.

The Africa’s leading blockchain and AI conference which has been scheduled to hold from the 11-12 March, 2020, in Johannesburg will bring together hundreds of attendees from around the entire globe. These attendees will have as goal to discuss the future of and coverage of blockchain technology and AI. In addition, they’ll also discuss on how these technologies are currently addressing urgent challenges in Africa. The company will openly showcase how individuals and companies alike are already making use of these technologies to boost their profitability and efficiency in delivering both goods and services. It will also pour more light on the limitations that have been encountered so far, security, scaling, and implementation issues that exist as well as what regulations have been considered and implemented across different jurisdictions.

Who will attend?

Networking is quite high on the agenda for all those who will attend. We can say without doubt that the benefits are numerous for attendees and exhibitors alike. As for those who will attend, we can point to Join CEOs, CIOs, COOs, CTOs, Heads of Data Science, Heads of IT, Heads of Innovation and Strategy, Heads of Information Security, Heads of Engineering, Heads of Emerging Technology, Heads of IT Architecture, Technical Advisors, Heads of Development, Heads of Strategy, Heads of Risk and Compliance, Regulators, Lawyers, Data Architecture, Heads of Applications, Heads of Digital, Investors, Venture Capitalists, Software Engineers, Research Managers, Business Transformation, Development Managers, Developers, Marketing Managers, Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Start-ups and Enthusiasts and more!

Why you should attend?

By attending this conference, you’ll gain valuable insight into:

  • Developing strategies for successful blockchain and AI implementation
  • How blockchain technology and AI is impacting various industries: real-world case studies from organisations who have started their blockchain and AI-related ventures
  • Discovering which processes can be automated to improve productivity and reduce human errors
  • Discovering how blockchain technology and AI can change existing products and services in order to improve customer service and increase efficiency
  • Exceeding customer expectations by meeting consumer demands of the future and
  • Harnessing the full potential of data to increase loyalty and retention

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