How to Create a Swisscoin Web Wallet

To all those who  particiapated in mining swisscoin, this is the moment  to experience the cryptocurrency made in Switzerland.
Please log in to your backoffice and:
– In the menu bar, click on the menu item “Basic Data”
(english language selection), then on “generate Wallet”
– Then click on the Button “Create New Wallet”
– Click on the red box and enter a password with 9 characters
(letters big and small, digits and special characters)
– Write down and keep the password in a safe place.
– Then click on the blue button “Generate Wallet”
– Save the keystore file write down your private key
– Save your SIC address (2.Save your address)
– Then click on the button “Access Existing Wallet” above
– There you have to insert the stored / written down “Keystore File”
– Enter your previously set password.
– Now you are logged in to your SIC-Web Wallet. You find your SIC-address on the left side.

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