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Swiss Coin Price and The Growth of Cryptocurrencies: Ted Talk on Money

I’m being asked a lot of questions on SIC and the development as well as expected value growth, below is a few answers I think we all need to read 😉
🚨well the company target is about $5 per coin in year 2020, but they have no doubts that the actual value will be much higher over time
📌The company veto-concept (creators of swisscoin) had partnered up with another german IT company and together they are setting up a Swiss corporation that will be the management and executor of the strategy to become as they wish, a global value transfer intstrument;
📌This swiss corporation will be a fin-tech company working on releasing and launching different blockchain services such as smart contracts, health and insurance services and others on the swisscoin blockchain;
📌this is something that will make a bigger demand for SIC as the utility of the coin will have much bigger areas to be used in, I like to see this as a great combination of bitcoin and ethereum, where we actually have the currency, but we are also built for development of smart contracts and much more as well as using PoS which the ethereum development team is planning on transitioning into;
📌Swisscoin is one step ahead of everyone with it’s unique PoS technology, now we just need to understand it ourselves so that we can make other people understand this as well, once PoS get´s some more attention i can foresee that people will jump on SIC like a fly on a horse
📌And we also do no want to forget the merchants that are to be launched, approximatly 8000 merchants are already set up to accept SIC as payment method and many more will follow, this is something we in this group can help with as well. If you are a business owner, start accepting swisscoin for your services or goods, this will make people aware of that they can actually use SIC to purchase stuff and the rumors will go viral and attract even more people and more investors;
📌also, I can just imagine what will happen when finally the mastercard will be connected to our SIC wallets, being able to not just spend your SIC with merchants accepting it but world wide all over where they accept mastercard, that will be huge, thats more than 36 million locations you can spend your SIC through the card;
📌if that wont be something people will be attracted to i dont know, so in my mind this company has a very good strategy on how to accomplish their mission stated in the whitepaper, no one said it would happen over night, we have all said that it is a process, Rome was not built in a day;
📌I can asure you that buying this coin now is more or less a 100% certainty for profit, and big profits. So buy as much as possible and just hold them, stake them and make more of them 😉
Last but not least, wach this video to understand this industry of money:

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