South Africans can now buy Ether (ETH) using Rand on Luno

Luno, one of the most popular cryptocurrency exchanges in the World now makes it possible for South Africans to buy Ether using Rand. By so doing, this global cryptocurrency exchange makes business life easy for all crypto traders in South Africa. Just as a reminder, Luno is a leader in its sector and has gained a high reputation and level of confidence for the past years of operation. It offers a platform where users can learn about cryptocurrency, purchase Bitcoin and Ether. Existing in over 40 countries, Luno has more than 2.7 million customers. In order to help users make informed investment decisions, Luno offers a dedicated Ethereum series on its platform.

In saying a few words about the new feature on the Luno platform that allows South Africans to buy Ether using Rand, Luno’s General Manager in Africa, Marius Reitz, said “The direct Ethereum/Rand pair will make it quicker, simpler, and cheaper for customers to interact with and use Ethereum on the exchange. We are working on a number of enhancements to our platform and this pairing has been introduced in response to demand from our customers. Previously, customers could buy Ethereum through our instant buy option but having this ability directly on the exchange makes it faster and cheaper for traders.”

Luno’s General Manager in Africa further points out that every coin listed on their exchange has been diligently tested and proven trustworthy. It is in this light that he further calls on users to be very careful about the types of exchanges they embrace because many are scams which are out to make away with their money. In addition to this, he says that the over 2000 cryptocurrencies on the Luno exchange platform have been diligently tested and approved. He also says that Luno limits all the currencies on offer to those that they have completed an extensive research and were satisfied with their credibility in terms of adoption and security.

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