PR: Next Growth Stage 2.0 of its Own Crypt-fed SWISSCOIN (SIC) with Decentralized Blockchain and New Sales Concept

SIC Press Release
Veto-Concept AG: Next growth stage 2.0 of its own crypt-fed SWISSCOIN (SIC) with decentralized blockchain and new sales concept
On 1 August 2017, the company’s own decentralized blockchain for the crypt-free SWISSCOIN (SIC) of Veto-Concept AG was released. This means that SWISSCOIN (SIC) is available in free trade. All transactions of the crypt diet are thus verifiable.
“With the release of the SWISSCOIN (SIC) blockchain, we have ushered in the next growth phase,” said the Management Board of Veto-Concept AG, Manfred Mayer.
The SWISSCOIN (SIC) has been on the market since June 2016 and looks back on a very successful first year. More than 700,000 prospective customers in more than 100 countries could be won for the new crypt diet.
Since 2008, cryptic growth has increasingly been seen as an alternative to the well-known currencies. The first crypto diet, the bitcoin, has now gained a great popularity and has gained enormously in value since its market launch.
The growing interest has not been hidden from the governments of the industries. So far, the crypt market has not yet been regulated, but the first countries are thinking about a legal framework for dealing with cryptic diseases. The aim is to protect the consumer and to support the new and growth-strong crypto industry.
Especially against the backdrop of current developments and challenges in industry and administration, we must and want to make our SWISSCOIN (SIC) future-proof “, confirms Manfred Mayer. He continues: “This also includes changing our sales system. In order to successfully trade SWISSCOIN (SIC), we will install a trading system. In the short term, we are aiming at the first listings in important cryptos and have already become active accordingly. The listing value of SWISSCOIN (SIC) is expected to be between € 0.30 – 0.40 at that time “. However, he notes that the crypt market is subject to large and fast fluctuations, which, of course, affect the current value of the cryptic stimuli. For investments, this should be taken into account.
In contrast to conventional currencies, cryptures are limited in quantity. Historically, for example, the amount of bitcoin is in the hands of a small group of owners. As the developer and initiator of SWISSCOIN (SIC), Veto-Concept AG has positioned its crypto-nutrition as a generally available crypto diet from the outset.
More than 3,000 cryptos are now circulating, many of them only in closed systems. However, the cryptomarket has proved to be highly interesting for investors. With appropriate concepts, a crypt diet is a serious investment option.
A viable cryptoconception is and is with a blockchain. The Veto-Concept AG offers interested companies the option to make the SIC-Blockchain available in a co-operation during the implementation of an internal blockchain technology and to adapt it to the respective requirements. In addition, other ambitious products are in preparation and will be presented shortly.

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