PR: Block Chain Conference Cameroon 2018

Block chain technology is a technology to watch and it is a must to all sectors and governments today. Cameroon as of the moment had made very little or no contribution in the block chain and cryptocurrency Industry. With a number of increasing start ups, we can’t name up to 10 that are making use of block chain technology. It is important to bring together people and members of government (Through Conferences and Seminars)which can help in making this technology gain its place in Cameroon and the Central Africa Region(Gabon, Equitorial Guinea,Congo,Chad,Central Africa Republic). We at Crypto Africa are dedicated to making this technology a dream come true and a reality to all in Cameroon an most especially the Youths. We got a team of block chain developers, block chain Invetors, blockchain Enthusiast and more who can always help you with whatever project you are working on or provide you with whatever information you need related to the block chain technology.
Block chain is the technology on which is based the most well-known Cryptocurencies namely: Bitcoin and Ethereum. These currencies base their credibility and security on Block chain technology.
The block chain is one of the technologies that has been increasingly put forward on the strategic discussion tables of the States and private organizations in recent years and is in the process of revolutionizing several sectors of activity, starting with the bank, Agriculture, cyber security, supply and inventory management, education, energy resource management, health, identity management, logistics, insurance and many others.
The 4th Industrial Revolution has led many global organizations to restructure the ecosystem linked to digital/numerical technologies. In the aftermath of the financial crisis of 2008 and with the rapid adoption of the cryptocurrencies, the blockchain revolutionized the public and private sectors of all the great nations.
The blockchain is a technology that allows to store and transmit information in a transparent, secure and without central control body. It looks like a large database that contains the history of all the exchanges made between its users since its creation. The blockchain can be used in three ways: for the transfer of assets (currency, securities, shares…), for better traceability of assets and products and to automatically execute contracts (“smart contracts”).
The government BLOCKCHAIN ASSOCIATION is an international non-profit organization with the goal of promoting BLOCKCHAIN technology by encouraging individuals and organizations to meet, communicate and collaborate to resolve the cross-cutting issues of the public and private sector in the world.
This global network comprising 1500 professional members from Governments and companies of at least 115 countries, 70 branches or chapters in the world of which only one and the very first in Africa have just been created and is based in Yaoundé right here in Cameroon.
It is with this in mind that Cameroon will host, on 22nd August 2018 at the ‘’Palais des Congrès’’ in Yaoundé the Cameroon BLOCKCHAIN CONFERENCE organized by  NGUETI IT SOLUTIONS under the very high institutional patronage of the Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications and will be the first very high-level exchange meeting of history in Central Africa on the impact and contribution of BLOCKCHAIN technologies in the emergence of Cameroon.
The main vision of the CAMEROON BLOCKCHAIN CONFERENCE is to put on the table each year an ecosystem of exchange and dynamic sharing made up of the political elite, private and parapublic companies, professionals and organizations Specialists but also the actors of the financial and educational system to determine how blockchain technology can contribute to the transformation of Cameroon.
Target Audience
The government
PPrivate Companies
Actors in the education sector
The Parapublic Companies
The media
The Influencers
Financial sector players
The Regulators
Representation of territorial communities
Why participate?
Position itself in the first line on the vision and future investment of the State of Cameroon on the blockchain
Meeting with successful people thanks to blockchain technology.
Presentation of your company and its solutions based on blockchain technology.
Exceptional presence for the first time in Africa of the world President of the Government BLOCKCHAIN ASSOCIATION.
Possibility to join the government BLOCKCHAIN ASSOCIATION as a student, professional or business member.
Participation in workshops and discussions with international experts
17 Parapublic Companies invited
2 Urban Communities invited
Presence of representatives of the Senate and the National Assembly
Several investors, celebrities and opinion leaders.
Acquire the knowledge and motivation to drive your business or idea in another dimension thanks to the technologies associated with the blockchain.
Event organized under the high patronage of the Minister of Post and Telecommunications.
First event in the history of Blockchain technology in Central Africa.
First conference sponsored in Africa by the government BLOCKCHAIN ASSOCIATION.
Understanding the dynamics of crypto currencies explosion.
Ministers expected to be Present at the Conference in Yaounde,Cameroon
Ministry of Higher Education
Ministry of Postal and Telecommunications
Ministry of Arts and Culture
Ministry of Public Health
Ministry of Finance
Ministry of Defence.
Ministry of Economy and Planning of the Territory
Ministry of Mines.
The cost for the Event is 30, 000 XAF for Individuals and 50,000 XAF for companies.

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