Places in Africa where you can find a Bitcoin ATM

There are over 4,000 ATMs around the World. However, most of these ATMs are found in the United States of America. Luckily enough, a few of these Bitcoin ATMs are found in some countries across Africa. You are at the right place if you’ve ever wanted to know the different African countries that have Bitcoin ATMs. Relax and continuously scroll as we present these countries and places where you can purchase Bitcoin with fiat currency through a Bitcoin ATM.

What is a Bitcoin ATM?  

It is important for us to define a Bitcoin ATM and point out its use before proceeding with the presentation of the different places in Africa where they can be found. A Bitcoin ATM is just like the traditional cash machine. The main difference between a Bitcoin ATM and a traditional cash machine is that instead of cashing out money from your bank account, you can purchase and, in a few cases, sell bitcoins against local fiat currency.

All Bitcoin ATMs in Africa

As of the time of writing, there are 9 reported Bitcoin ATMs in Africa. Continuously unfold our writing to pick them up.

South Africa

South Africa tops our list with 5 cryptocurrency ATMs. Being a leader in the adoption of Bitcoin in Africa, South Africa has always revealed its interest and active approval of Bitcoin. South Africa is also a home for many cryptocurrency exchanges. Its 5 cryptocurrency ATMs are in Johannesburg, Pretoria, Cape town, and Nelspruit. These ATMs can dispense on average a minimum to a maximum of 100 to 1 Million South African Rands. These ATMs operate only fiat-to-crypto and require identity verification for those buying more than 5,000 Rand. Also note that using these ATMs leads to the deduction of high transaction fees of around 8 to 14% the transaction amount.


Kenya has one Bitcoin ATM which is in its capital city, Nairobi. This Bitcoin ATM is operated by the BitClub Network. It is also a fiat-to-crypto only ATM which accepts a minimum 500 Kenya Shillings worth of Bitcoin. Litecoin can also be purchased using this machine.


Zimbabwe, one of the African countries with a high demand and use of Bitcoin also has a Bitcoin ATM. This Bitcoin ATM is run by Golix, the first ever cryptocurrency exchange in Zimbabwe.


Uganda’s only Bitcoin ATM is hosted by the Kampala Post Office. This Bitcoin ATM is run by KIPYA Bit2Big, a local leading blockchain company. Ugandans can use it to purchase Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, and Ether.


Surprisingly, Djibouti which is a small East African country also owns a Bitcoin ATM. It is in Appart Hotel Moulk.

Tell us your location and let us know if there is a bitcoin ATM Machine there.

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