Nairaex bitcoin exchange nigeria Review : Buy and Sell Bitcoin and Altcoins in Nigeria

NairaEx is a platform that permits Nigerians to buy and sell bitcoin in Nigeria. The exchange allow Fiat exchange directly from Bank accounts.


NairaEx is a Nigerian digital financial platform which was started back in the year 2015. Its main aim or objective is to use the power of digital currency to provide a better and more stable monetary system that will allow Nigerians to fully access the wealth of Bitcoin. Bitcoin financial transactions with NairaEx are executed instantly unlike using the traditional bitcoin wallets which usually take a few seconds before execution.

What is NairaEx?

Many people often turn to ask the question of what is NairaEx? It is the best and the first Nigerian’s Bitcoin Exchange Platform to have been in existence. It was designed to make bitcoin trading in Nigeria easy as possible and unto the reach of everyone. Creating a NairaEx account is free and quite easy. You can also make money in Nigeria with NairaEx by simply using the price tickers which are constantly updating to determine how much you can purchase and sell bitcoins. One bitcoin in Nigeria is worth 5927026 NGN. That’s a pretty huge sum of money. Hence, a better way to make cash in Nigeria and become rich.

How does NairaEx work?

Upon hearing that Bitcoin is more stable than the Nigerian fiat currency, many people step out to learn how the NairaEx works in order to start executing their Bitcoin transactions. Most Nigerians turn to perceive Bitcoin as a safer way to hold their wealth than their traditional banking system. This further creates need to know how the NairaEx works because it’s almost impossible to talk of Bitcoin in Nigeria without making mention of the NairaEx.

The NairaEx exchange platform allows all its users to create, purchase, and sell Bitcoin. In addition, it also allows its users to buy, and sell the Naira as well as perfect money at any moment of their choice. In addition, their transactions are superfast and will save the time lost in making transactions with local traditional banks.

With the NairaEx, you do not need to panic about receiving any hidden fees when making a transaction because all its transaction fees are included and inclusive within the current rate. When it comes to exchanging currency, the NairaEx is considered as one of the fastest and best. And you best know how speed is important when you want to remit your money in order to respond to some financial needs around.

The NairaEx also has a highly qualified and responsive staff that is always ready to handle any request of assistance. Apart from being well trained, the staff is highly experienced to bring solutions to your worries whenever they arise.

Is NairaEx simple to use?

NairaEx was developed to be highly user friendly. Thus, we can conclude that using NairaEx is very simple and should in case you come across a problem along the line, their highly responsive service team will reach out to you with help. Everything moving from account creation to Bitcoin transaction is straightforward and does not require lots of prior knowledge on how digital financial platforms operate. With NairaEx, you simple have to register and verify your ID after which you are quite good to start trading. Creating orders to either buy or sell Bitcoin is very easy. You’ll have the steps detailed before you during the transaction. Remember that once you initiate a transaction, it can take around 4 hours or less to be confirmed. Once confirmed, everything is instantly carried out automatically for the arrival or sending of Bitcoin. Most users of this platform have reported positively about their experiences and are recommending it for others.

The NairaEx referral program

This platform offers a referral program whereby you are allowed to share your code and invite friends to join and carry transactions with the system. And every time that a person referred by you does carryout a financial transaction on the platform, you’ll be given a commission. This program is aimed at increasing the usability of the platform.

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