Mercuriex Cryptocurrency Exchange Launches New Utility Token, SURF

In December 2019, MercuriEx Cryptocurrency Exchange which was originally developed in 2017 came under New Ownership. The new owners, London-based SurfTheWeb Ltd have started taking innovative steps towards expanding operations to a global user base, as outlined in details in their Whitepaper and Roadmap.

As part of their expansion plan, the company in question have already developed a new Exchange Utility Token (an E.U.T.) which is referred to as SurfExUtilityToken (SURF) and have skillfully employed the services of LATOKEN to host their initial exchange offering for SURF Token. It is worth pointing out here that the IEO officially opens on 23rd March 2020. Note that LATOKEN is one of the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchanges and arguably one of the most successful launchpads for company IEOs and token sales.

Just as we previously mentioned, the Surf Token IEO officially opens to the public on Monday 23rd March. A special offer worth knowing here is that SurfTheWeb Ltd has arranged with LATOKEN to give a massive 50% discount to LATOKEN users who purchase SURF in the first week of the IEO. The IEO in question is due to end on 24th April 2020. As stated on the LATOKEN landing page for the SURF IEO, all funds that will be raised from the upcoming sale will be directly used for expanding operations of the exchange, including hiring and training new support staff globally, providing market liquidity support services, improving and expanding the exchange infrastructure, obtaining global licenses, and more.

According to the SurfExUtilityToken Whitepaper, SURF will effectively be integrated into all levels of the exchange, thereby allowing all exchange users across the globe with the ability to pay trade-fees with SURF as well as earn SURF via referral commissions, giveaways, and competitions that would be regularly hosted by the exchange owners. In addition, SurfTheWeb Ltd has also stated that it will be accepting SURF as a form of payment for services on the exchange, such as listing new coins and hosting IEOs for other companies and crypto developers.

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