Mauritius-based Horizon Africa Launches Blockchain Education Platform for Africans

There is good news at hand for Africans who are interested in learning and embracing the use of digital currencies. We recently learned that Mauritius-based technology firm Horizon Africa has fully launched a new digital platform. This digital platform is aimed at educating Africans about blockchain technology and also encouraging institutions, startups, corporations, and the public organizations to utilize the blockchain.

Horizon Africa is an Ethereum-based blockchain and leader in offering long lasting blockchain solutions as well as facilitating DApp development. The Horizon Africa Blockchain Network (HABN) focuses on applying the innovative blockchain technology to a good number of industries among which we can list: fintech, education, digital healthcare, and governance, just to list a few.

Let us read what the company’s co-founder, Suyash Sumaroo, said in an ITWeb Africa Interview – “Even though the public Ethereum (blockchain) has been available for years, the blockchain landscape in African countries has not developed much. There is a gap which is being filled by Horizon Africa. Its focus is not about creating a network or increasing the value of its token, but instead to allow people to learn about using the network. Building prototypes and ultimately real solutions is a large part of the mission,”

In order to turn this dream into reality, Horizon Africa works towards the involvement of African developers in the creation of long lasting blockchain solutions. The HABN network provides a “test bed” where local developers can design and deploy DApps that are capable of solving or bringing solutions to specific challenges faced in areas like land registry, identity management, gaming, supply chains, and agriculture.

The Company’s co-founder, Suyash Sumaroo, believes that the uptake of blockchain-based products in Africa as a whole will significantly increase within a period of 5 years. He argues and reassures that Horizon’s Africa’s platform will play a vital role in enabling African companies, governments, and startups to learn about the technology. He believes that this will also encourage them to develop and implement blockchain technologies.  

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