Market Updates: Bitcoin Analysis and More

Market Updates: January 2019

Bitcoin Fluctuation

 According to Huobi trading platform data, BTC latest transaction price of 3,407.17 US dollars, the highest price of 3,429.89 US dollars, the lowest price of 3,342.07 US dollars, the volume of 30,100, a decrease of 0.2%; ETH latest transaction price of 104.45 US dollars, The highest price reached 106.23 US dollars, the lowest price was 102.02 US dollars, the trading volume was 194,700, a decrease of 0.75 %; the latest transaction price of EOS was 2.26 US dollars, the highest price reached 2.30 US dollars, the lowest price was 2.17 US dollars, and the turnover was 11.197 million, a decrease of 0.67 %.

DAppTotal: BOS has been online for nearly two weeks.

DApp active users far exceed EOS] According to January 29th data, EOS side chain BOS was launched on January 17, and a total of 14 BOS DApps were monitored.

The number of DApp independent active users has reached 157,540, far exceeding the EOS main chain of 99,738; BOS DApp has a trading volume of 6,504,445.62 BOS ($120,332.24) in the past week, and the transaction count is 1,181,780; in comparison, the EOS DApp transaction volume is 77,637,947.14 EOS (177,790,898.95 US dollars).

The number of transactions was 28,928,374. Although the BOS transaction volume is much different from EOS, considering its short online time and rapid growth of active users, its DApp ecological development is still good.

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