Luno Expands Offering As It Reaches Three Million Users

An announcement made from Luno’s headquarter in London on August 28, 2019 made the talk of time in the digital world. Cryptocurrency lovers welcomed the announcement with joy in their hearts. This happened when Luno, a leading global cryptocurrency firm made an announcement that they will be expanding their cryptocurrency offers by adopting Bitcoin Cash (BCH).

Luno is currently a leader in the crypto industry. This crypto-exchange started back in 2013 upon building the World’s first fully-integrated Crypto Wallet. Its infrastructure was then leveraged to create the world’s pre-eminent emerging markets consumer crypto platform. Luno has always been cautious about the coins it holds on its platform. This is as a result of the value that they have for their customer trust and desire to protect them from a good number of coins with low quality that can easily be manipulated.

From the feedback received and detailed discussions with her customers, Luno decided to increase the number of coins available on its ecosystem. As per the information received, the first new coin to be introduced will be Bitcoin Cash (BCH). They found it wise to extend this to the rest of the customer base since some customers were already having the wallet activated. This is to say that Luno customers are now able to buy, sell, and store Bitcoin Cash (BCH) on the Luno Platform.

Let’s read from Marcus Swanepoel, CEO and Co-Founder of Luno, “We are in a new and exciting financial era. Developing economies are leading the large-scale adoption and application of cryptocurrencies. Luno has been part of this change and has listened to, and always worked hard to understand the needs of these developing economies. It is for this reason we have moved to expand our offering of secure and legitimate digital currencies to individuals, enabling cross-functional accessibility and transfer of funds.”

Behold, this very expansion will be part of further improvements and developments to the Luno Platform. Although they are opened to welcoming certain cryptocurrencies onto their platform, good security, user experience, and functionality will remain their goal.

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