Lendix Review: Best French Crowd-lending Platform

Very few modern financial platforms around the World can meet up with the high-quality services offered by Lendix. Its loans carry an interest rate ranging from 4 to 9.9% which is hardly the case with traditional banking systems. These interest rates are for loan terms between 3 to 84 months. This allows enough time for the borrower to invest, make profit, and better their financial situation before paying back.

What is Lendix?

Lendix is a French lending platform that operates by connecting borrowers to individual and institutional investors. This lending platform is out to finance projects and generate returns. Established back in the year 2015, Lendix stands today as the main financial platform in France for business ventures it has fully financed.

Borrowers who are interested in the opportunities offered by Lendix can apply and expect a response within 7 days. The signup process is very easy. Any French resident aged above 15 years and owning a bank account can apply. It is worth noting that residents of Germany, Italy, Belgium, Spain, United Kingdom, Luxembourg, and Switzerland can also invest through Lendix.

Features of Lendix

Project duration

As previously mentioned, Lendix offers terms from 3 to 84 months with loan amounts ranging from 30,000 to 300,000 Euros. All applicants for this program are required to present income sheets which will be detailly analyzed by a credit committee. The credit committee analyzes risks and set interest rates based on them. That is, a higher risk calls for a higher interest rate while a lower risk calls for a lower interest rate.

Diversification of funds

Considered as one of the leading Crowdlending platforms in Europe, Lendix allows for the diversification of funds to boost investment profitability while minimizing risk. Hence, anyone who desires to join can greatly improve on their portfolio by investing in several small ventures. Through diversification, the negative impact of default loans is minimized.

SME Financing

Lendix offers loans to small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in Italy and surrounding regions. These loans range from 30,000 to 3,000,000 Euros. Small and medium-sized enterprises can apply online at their convenience.

Is Lendix user friendly?  

Its website page is clearly designed to make navigation easy even for first time users. All presented projects are visible and properly classified in categories. In addition, it also shows the statistics of previous and ongoing projects.

Is Lendix Secured?

Lendix has been registered and verified by competent authorities under local laws. All loan transactions are fully secured through a banking partner. In case of Lindix liquidation, all investor funds are maintained safe.

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