Kodepay ,KDX for Africa and blockchain.

Kodepay ,KDcoin,KD Box CEO Interview: The BlockChain Solution for Africa

Given the difficulties faced by Africans  when it comes to banking, there is need for an alternative solution that will suit everyone no matter your revenue. Block chain technology indeed has made this possible. We came across the perfect solution by an African for Africa thanks to Kodepay. We spoke with the founder and CEO Nassym who made us feel the energy Africa got. LeTS go to Africa!!!!!!
Hello, our aim is to promote the use of cryptocurrencies in Africa. We are happy to come across your business and your ICO which is why we want to know more and share with the world.

  1. CRYPTOAFRICA :Can you introduce your team and project ?

Kodepay: We’re payment start-up KodePay and we founded KDbox which is virtual bank on ethereum blockchain with it’s own crypto-currency and asset : KDCoin (SYMBOL : KDX)
Our team is same as KodePay team:
Nassym & Nesrine Aissani founders, and Vincentas, Conie are developers in addition to Raymond & Jake are based in Kenya and they manage operations there and our Consultant and advisor Laurie K, Grant Canadian with 20 years of experience in Fintech and banking IT infrastructure and technology

2. Crypto Africa: What is the name of the cryptocurrency/ICO you are working on?
Is your start up a Pan African?

KODEPAY: Our crypto-currency name is KDcoin (SYMBOL : KDX) and the ICO is KdBox ICO.
Yes KDBOX virtual bank and its crypto currency KDcoin focus is only african.

3. Crypto Africa: How many Coins do you intend to put in the market during the ICO?

KODEPAY: We’ll create 500million of KDX and We intend to sell 60% in our ICO which means 300million tokens

4. Crypto Africa: What is the biggest challenge, you faced putting up such a great project in the African market which is still young and growing?

KODEPAY: There’s a lot of challenges, like explaining what’s blockchain is about, and ICO and it’s all about lack of exchanges for example in africa to list our token, and people rare that know about blockchain and blockchains and understand how it works.

5. Did you meet media or investors that don’t understand anything about cryptocurrencies? If yes, share one or two experience(s).

KODEPAY : Yes ! but mainstream media, I did interviews with Bloomberg and TechCrunch which are qualified news outlets and know blockchain and ethereum blockchain, but talking to two newspapers here about our project without explaining what’s blockchain and what’s bitcoin, and what’s open ledger, so I explained all this, next day we cancelled the interview they wanted to do with me because they forgot what’s blockchain is, that’s funny anecdote
Investors, old school investors till now it’s fine, they believe and follow the trend

6. Crypto Africa: Do you have any ideal cryptocurrencies that you intend to be like or your idea is fresh?

KODEPAY: I don’t know anybody has done what we do exactly in every aspect, but I like recently Bankera, NEO and OmiseGo in addition to ZCash and TenX

#Crypto Africa: What are some key partners that you are working with?

KODEPAY: Mostly blockchain start ups like EthLend.io and Descrow.org , some banks in Kenya and financial start-ups and companies but sorry I can’t give names until ICO and press release and joint announcement.

7. Crypto Africa: Do you have any community that you will use to promote your cryptocurrency?

KODEPAY: I think success of any crypto currency is the community just how it’s done in linux community, so we focus a lot on our community mainly African community with social media pages, groups and forums, in addition to university and club events to give KDX vibe of community, african community.

8. Crypto Africa: How will you make your cryptocyrrecny be like bitcoin?

KODEPAY: No, absolutely we don’t want to be bitcoin, as we use Ethereum blockchain, we just want to be fresh and useful african crypto currency & digital asset, we don’t look to compete with bitcoin or pretend to kill bitcoin we’re totally different!

9. Crypto Africa: : How do you intend to work in collaboration with the thousands of digital start ups that had evolve in Africa since 2013?

KODEPAY: We’re in contact with a lot of them, collaboration is Fintech and payments, so they’ll be able to sell and do e commerce or whatever that require payments abroad, our virtual bank will solve problem of Foreign currency & exchange and other things;

10. Crypto Africa: How do you think you can work with Crypto Africa?
Given we are in the crypto Industry, do you consider us as a competitor or a partner? Why?

KODEPAY: Founder of Crypto Africa is my friend, and I like Crypto africa platform especially the exchange, so we’ll work together to list KDX on Crypto africa exchange. And about other competetors, no we don’t see direct competition, maybe except western union, and BitPesa *smile*. But partners in africa will be exchanges and other blockchain start ups that will need to use our APIs.

11 –What else do you want to tell the Africa and the world at large?

KODEPAY: I just want to tell them especially media, business people in africa and abroad,
“The Party is about to start, don’t be late”
Africa especially Kenya, Nigeria and South africa is coming Tech & blockchain force, better to hurry up!

11. Your final word

KODEPAY: Thanks for interview and hopefully we see africa’s blockchain and digital community grow and prosper, which means we need to work hard!
Don’t forget to join our community on facebook, KDcoin Group

12. where do you see this cryptocurrency in the next 5 years?

KODEPAY: Our main goal to make KDX listed on top 20 on coinmarketcap and our presence in all over Africa with payment app online & offline with out token!

Thank you very much Nassym Louradi for  giving Africa another future in the cryptoworld. Crypto Africa is commited to taking the cryptocurrency industry in Africa to another level. We will work together to make this come true and hope to even see KDX in the top ten . Africa is the future market, cryptocurrency is the future money , we are the future and the future is now. See you next time and stay tuned to Cryptoafrica. Do not forget to trade on our exchange site. 
Interested in Kodepay project? Check out the following profiles:
Twitter : @k4shboi
Facebook Profile: facebook.com/kdcoin
Website: kodpay.com
ICO site: ico.kodpay.com 
Email to: kd@kodpay.com
Thanks for reading. What do you have to say about Kodepay,KDcoin(KDX) ,KD Box, crypto Africa and the future of cryptocurrency in Africa?

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