Is DAG Coin a Scam? Dag University and MLM Review

The cryptocurrency industry had been a hot market following the crypto craze in 2017 experienced by most cryptocurrencies. 2018  has come with an influx of ICOs majority of which are based on the ethereum smart contract.  Several cryptocurrencies had been develop to solve a solution in one industry or another. However, a ”global cryptocurrency ” is still a challenge because of the  the number of transactions that can be validated per second.   This challenge has given birth to a technology called DAG (Digital Acyclic Graph) which is block chain 3.0.
With the DAG structure , there are no fixed blocks and  each transaction carries its own proof of work.  This technology is environmental friendly  thanks to the two optimizations that allow storage  and dynamic update t of  he DAGchain  .
The basic differenct between DAG chain and block chain is that  ,the blockchain requires Proof of Work from miners on each transaction . With the the  DAG  chain gets around this by getting rid of the block entirely. Instead, DAG transactions are linked from one to another, meaning one transaction confirms the next and so onw Thus consuming low CPU resources. This seem to be what we need. 
IOTA AND Byteball are currently using this technology.  Here comes  another coin that  is making a buzz on the internet  making use of the DAG Chain technology.

                                                                                              What is DAG COIN ?
Dag coin is a non block chain concurrency based on the Dag Chain technology of Byteball which is the top Dag chain coin at the moment. There are 1 billion DAG coins in circulation . The
               DAG coin and Doubts
There are a good  number of reviews that  points out that DAG coin is a  scam. Some of them include:

  1. The CEO was part of the One coin  team.                                                                                                                                                                                                               Based on our research we found out that he was actually involve in one coin for about 3 months and went out when he discovered it was not going.  If you can proof that he was part of the team , don’t fail to mention in the comment.
  2. Listing on Cryptocurrency Exchanges was not Respected.

This is not the first coin to have delayed listing on an external exchange. As such this enough does not make the coin a scam.  While some Investors  get skpetical about coins on internal exchanges other are happy about it . However is is not a good sign when companies dont respect their road maps.  Another issue with listing on cryptocurrency exchanges is the mention of Poloniex which does not accept coins with MLM. Getting DAG coin on an external exchange can attract more investors. But i dont think a good investor will have to wait before the coin is listed. You can take some risk if you want to have an experience with Dag coin. The rewards for a cryptocurrency are always huge especially to early investors.
3. NO product
From our research Dag coin is focused on becoming an alternate currency . They do mention the Dag payment system which is a product in my opinion. It will permit merchants to accept DAG Coin online. They are equally a good number of project that have achieve a remarkable success without  the release of any product. An exmaple is EOS which today is on the top 5 (03/05/2018) without the release of the main net. I cannot base my conclusion on this. You are advice to make your own judgements too.
4.   How is DAGCOIN Different from Byteball then? Why not use ByteBall?

Unlike Byteball, Dagcoin is more focused on A worldwide commercial and regular use for the people like mobile payments, games, merchants, financial services, payment solutions  among others. As mentioned earlier there are several coins that a created on the ethereum network to solve specific problems. DAG coin should not be an exemption.
             Advantages of DAG COIN
i.Full operational Wallet with Back Up: The Dag coin wallet can be back up and sync with all your devices.As such, you can access you coins in case of the ”bad”.
ii. A Coin for a Green Environment: One of the major challenge of of coins based on the block chain is that there need miners to validate transaction, this require the use of huge amount of energy which end up in the environment as heat. Dag coins are generated without mining , thus making it an ECO-friendly coin.
iii.Open Source : Dag coin and Byteball platform are open source platforms which permits anyone to see the code. This gives room for a=everyone to contribute in its development and future success.
iii. Fast Transaction: The dark chain network can confirm up to a million transactions in a second as oppose to the block chain . The more crowded the Dag chain the faster transactions are confirm. But with block chain the more crowded the block chain, the longer the time for a confirmation.
iv. Low transaction fee: From what we gather the value for doing a transaction with DAg coin is ~ 0.0005 USD. This amount is fixed and does not depend on the network as in block chain technology.
v. DAG COIN As an Investment:  Like every cryptocurrency, Investors alway make money as the currency gains value. Since the crypto market is moving toward the trillion dollar, there is a possiblity of DAG coin to join the train and Early investors will be able to gain enomously from the growth of the currency.
           HOW DO WE GET dag coins?
This is where we bring you into what we discovers as: THE DAG UNIVERSITY
invest in Dag Universit course
You can get DAG coins from the Dag university .According to the the DAG Coin team,  DAG university is a  platform that offers education on ;



To become a member of the DAG university, you need to buy the educational courses. By buying the courses ,you are  rewarded with coins. Below are the Packages and the coins you get per pcakage.
      DAG  UNIVERSITY  Educational Courses
Basic – 25 USD – 20 VP This course gives a basic overview of the definitions used in the cryptocurrency and sales industry
Starter – 150 USD – 100 VP This course is great for starting to learn about cryptocurrencies and the foundation of marketing and sales. After completion of this course the attendee is rewarded with 100 dagcoins.
Explorer – 700 USD – 500 VP This course gives deeper insight into what cryptocurrency is and how to excel in the art of selling. After completion of this course the attendee is rewarded with 500 dagcoins.
Advanced – 1 500 USD – 1 000 VP Advanced course teaches the technical aspects of cryptocurrency and takes your sales skills to advanced level. After completion of this course the attendee is rewarded with 1000 dagcoins.
Expert – 3 500 USD – 2 500 VP This course teaches how to be an outstanding public speaker and to present your ideas. After completion of this course the attendee is rewarded with 3000 dagcoins.
Pro – 7 000 USD – 5 000 VP This course teaches how to become a professional in sales and gives a thorough guide to psychology and human behaviour. After completion of this course the attendee is rewarded with 6000 dagcoins.
Mentor – 17 200 USD – 12 500 VP An intensive course for becoming a top level leader and a great mentor. After completion of this course the attendee is rewarded with 17 500 dagcoins.
Investor – 34 000 USD – 25 000 VP In depth course on digital assets, markets, trading and investing. After completion of this course the attendee is rewarded with 35 000 dagcoins
VP Stands for volume points.  Volume points are used to calculate commissions and recognition ranks in the DAG Coin MLM.
           DAG  COIN  MLM
Dag coin uses the multilevel marketing strategy to promote the coin as well ass increase the DAG Coin community. This form of marketing is heavily criticized and is commonly referred to as a ponzi marketing scheme. Looking in another light, it is like  sharing the money  used in maing Facebook Ads,Google Ads and other media Ads to  Investors  who are promoters in this case.  Network marketing is however a very powerful form of marketing.  DAG Coin has a very attractive network marketing system with several rewards.
The MLM planincludes; 10% direct bonus, affiliat Rank commisions,weekly coin reward,residual commision,matching bonus and leader ship  commissions.
The DAG coin Equally claim to offer   the following to it members:

  • event ticket,
  • an iPad Mini 64 GB ,
  • latest iPhone 128 GB,
  • a Macbook Pro ,
  • luxury vacation for 2 people for 2 weeks”
  • ,Rolex watch
  • 500g gold bar
  • premium cars and a real estate

To make the post short, i will do another post for the DAG Coin MLM. but you can check out this video for more clarification on the compensation plan at Dag University.

More Details about the DAG COIN MLM can be read here: THE DAG COIN MLM AND COMPENSATION PLAN
My Conclusion
As a cryptocurrency investor and a lover of innovative technology. I will invest in DAG coin.  Like any investment it involves risk. We are advice never to invest what we cannot afford to loose. Dag chain is the future of cryptpcurrency and it is too difficult to  resist a project based on this technology.  The arguments that are brought forward to proof that this is a ponzi scheme are based on the past. I stand at 40% ponzi scheme and 60% investment opportunity. It is worth investing in Dag coin if you will be part of the MLM. If you want to invest in the coin Only, then do so at your own risk. We will keep you updated on  how this project is involve. If you want to join DAG Coin you can do so through my link here. This is the third coin based on Dag Chain to at the moment i am updating this post.

Will you Invest in DAG Coin?
I am considering Building a team for those who are willing to take the risk. If you are ready, then whatsapp me at +237676664922

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      1. I would suggest that Dagcoin is 0% Ponzi and here’s why… Essentially it’s like how Bitcoin miners make money mining. IE: There is a cost to mine/create the Bitcoin and then there is the market value of Bitcoin. The difference in the cost to produce a Bitcoin and the market value. Whatever that is is margin or profit to the miner. It’s the same with Dagcoin. There is a cost to creating a Dagcoin (a low cost) and then there is a market value of a Dagcoin (currently at 0.11 EURO) So the Dagcoin company essentially ends up playing the role of ‘manufacturer’ and they sell Bitcoin to customers and affiliates at a wholesale cost. This profit allows for commissions to be paid whereas a Ponzi – requires that profits only be made to pay previous investors from new investors.
        IE: There is no profit to pay the new investors.
        Although this has occurred in Cryptocurrency – this is certainly not the case with Dagcoin.

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          What a logic in your comment. I think i will definitely go in for DAG coin and not DAG coin MLM.cryptocurrency is unpredictable and there is no such thing like if i knew.Its better to lose 1000$ than to lose $1 M in the future.

  1. This is a great piece – well done to you Angu. You will find some of the updates mentioned by Randolf over at a site I put up as well… http://www.thedagcoinscam. com I believe you will likewise appreciate the work I’ve done there Angu. The event coming up in Panama will
    no doubt see even more advancements and updates for us all. Great times ahead for Dagcoin for sure.

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  2. I want to enroll but a document I have seen from another source describe this whole thing as a SCAM.. basically from..Bitcoin Exchange Guide News Team – July 18, 2018. Can someone convince me to enroll with this info out there?

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      Hi, Jonas. DAG is promoted by someone who promoted one coin. This had given many Red flags to this project. I am currently skeptical about that. The fact is that, this is like the first coin based on the the DAG chain of byteball. I took the risk to position myself in case of any benefits. However, i am aware i might equally get nothing since the business model follows what we commonly find in ponzi schemes. Remember in the crypto Industry , never invest what you cant afford to lose. Also, it is new and some projects might not survive when it is fully adopted. If you are not into DAG , make sure you get in somewhere. It is not good to be a Zero crypto person nowadays as yu might cry one day saying ”If i knew”. Have a great day

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      Dear Nana. Lets begin here. What are you worries? Kindly ask any question so we can clarify you or give you the best answers.

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