How To create A New My Ether Wallet and Access It

If you
Step 1. Creating MyEtherWallet account
Go to
Go to, choose a strong password and click on the “Create
New Wallet” button.  Please remember your password for unlocking procedure.

Step 2.  Download Keystore File
After creating the wallet, press ”Download Keystore File(UTC/JSON)” and save the downloaded keystore file.
Please do not lose it as it cannot be recovered. Based on the security reason, please do not share this file with others. Moreover, you should keep a backup of this fileHow To create A New My Ether Wallet and Access It.
Next, press “I understand. Continue.” to proceed to the next step.

            Note This About Keystore File

**Do not lose it!** It cannot be recovered if you lose it.

**Do not share it!** Your funds will be stolen if you use this file on a malicious/phishing site.

**Make a backup!** Secure it like the millions of dollars it may one day be worth.

Step 3. Save Private Key

Next, do keep a record of your “Private Key”. After downloading the
keyfile you are given an option to print a paper backup.
If well saved, then you are ready to use your wallet. Before depositing anything in your wallet you need to make sure you can access it with what you have saved. At the start you will be able to access your wallet with the
private Key which is not recommended though. As you get used to the wallet, you can exploit the safer methods like using Metamasak.
 How To Access My Ether Wallet
In order to access your wallet,you need to click  on ”View Wallet Info”.
You need to give your Keystore File and password. Press “Unlock”.

You can equally use the private key to access your wallet. This does not require your password.

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