How to buy Bitcoins on makes it easier to buy Bitcoins at anytime and anywhere in the world with a smartphone and an internet connection. Through this digital financial platform, you can easily and securely buy Bitcoins from other users near you. People love trading on this platform because it comes with a sophisticated and just system which makes sure that sellers get paid, and buyers get their Bitcoin. By following all their normal steps, you can be sure to end up happily trading with people near you.

Localbitcoins will completely take out the amount of Bitcoin that you wish to buy from the seller’s account, and put it into escrow. After you have paid to get the Bitcoins, the seller cannot cancel the order. He/she can only release the Bitcoins into the account of the buyer. It is only the buyer that has the ability to cancel the order, a situation in which localbitcoins will return the Bitcoin back into the account of the seller. Below is a step by step guide on how to buy Bitcoin on

Step 1: Register for a new account on

Visit and register for a free account by clicking the Green “Sign Up Free” button which is located on the home page. You’ll be presented with a registration form to fill. Proceed in opening an account by adding your email, choosing a username, and setting a pass word. After doing this, you’ll need to verify that you are not a robot by clicking the checkbox. Complete this step by clicking the green “Register” button. Doing this will lead you to a page attesting your success in registration. Remember to check your email inbox to follow the confirmation link sent by localbitcoins.

Step 2: Search for a seller near you to buy Bitcoins from

To buy Bitcoins on Localbitcoins, you’ll need to go to the main page and in the search box, fill in the form with the desired amount that you want to buy in your currency. Remember to specify your location and also choose your preferred payment method. If you are not certain on how you want to pay, we’ll advice you to choose “All Online Offers” as your payment method for the transaction. The platform will list Bitcoin traders in your region among which you can chose the person to trade with.

Step 3: How to choose a seller to buy from

From the list of traders in your region that is presented by Localbitcoins, we’ll advice that you go for the trader with a good reputation and a high amount of trades. Also check the response time indicator to see if the trader replies within 5 minutes (green), within 30 minutes (yellow), or slower than 30 minutes (grey).

Step 4: View sellers advert and buy Bitcoin

Upon pressing the “buy button”, you’ll see more information about the advertisement. Within this information, you’ll also find the terms of trade. Make sure that you read through them before submitting the trade request. Should in case you do not agree with the terms, you can move back to the previous page and choose another advertisement.

Step 5: Finish the trade

Immediately after making payment to the seller, click the “mark payment complete” button. Once the trade has verified that you have made payments, the Bitcoins which were held in escrow will instantly be released into your Localbitcoins wallet.

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