HalalChain : The Fastest Block Chain Project

HalalChain won the fastest blockchain project with the highest rating in 2018] According to the monitoring data of the third-party big data organization RatingToken, there are currently 327 projects with a market capitalization of more than US$5 million, of which 32.11% of the projects scored 30 days ago.

The score is down. The three projects with the largest declines in scores were: Bitcoin Pay (BTP), Mixin (XIN), and Scry (DDD); the three projects with the largest increase in scores were: KCS (KCS), Einsteinium (EMC2), and HalalChain (HLC). In addition, according to the latest results of the RatingToken user sentiment scoring system, the user emotions and social heat scores of the above items are positive. Among them, HalalChain (HLC) users have more than 49% of the market, and the social heat exceeds 64% of the market. Community activity is high and user satisfaction is gradually rising. 

HalalChain (HLC) is the world’s first public chain dedicated to serving Muslim countries and regions, used in Islamic financial products and services, halal product traceability, day class donations, property rights and heritage registration, cultural education and other fields. 

Based on the new distributed ledger DAG (Directed Acyclic) as the underlying technology, high-frequency concurrent transactions are realized under the premise of ensuring security and decentralization.

 Advanced technology is combined with unique application scenarios to build an economic ecosystem across Muslim countries.

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