GLX Token Sale: Golix Launches ICO in Africa

Official Statement from Golix:

As part of our strategy, starting from Friday, June 1, people in Kenya, South Africa and Uganda will be able to start trading from Golix. This is one of our plans to be the leading exchange in Africa, which is inspired by the vision to provide financial autonomy in the continent

Golix has decided to re-launch its token sale in South Africa,Kenya and Uganda following the ban in Zimbabwe by RBZ.
The token sale is one of the most unique token sale in Africa focusing on the African market.
The Golix token will enable remittances and international payment through cryptocurrencies . Some blockchain start up trying to solve a similar problem like Golix include Kodepay and ZeePass(SureBanqa). Golix is a step ahead given the fact that they already have an MVP. The Token sale is on as confirmed on Golix twitter page.

Details About The Token Sale
The Golix Token  is created to provide Africans a simple way to transfer value between fiat and cryptocurencies. Golix is a digital currency exchange that had been in the African market since 2015. It is the   first exchange in Zimbabwe with over 50,000 customers.
Token name: GOLIX token
Token Symbol: GLX
Token Value: $0.05612
Circulating supply: 1 billion GLX
Amount to be raised: $32 million.
Token sale page:
The value of the GLX token during the ICO is $ 0.05612.  The public sale started on the 1st of June and will run till the 25th of July 2018. Those with an African passport will get 10% bonus over the standard bonus fixed for the ICO.
Golix plans to raise about $32 million dollars during the token sale. The purpose of the token sale is to help Africa achieve financial autonomy as stated by William Chui, Golix lead of special projects.
The total token supply is 1 billion. 50% will be available for the crowdsale , 25% will go to the team,15% to investors and 10% for bounty and airdrops.
Tokens can be bought with cryptocurrencies and fiat. bitcoin ,ethereum,stellar are the cryptocurrencies accepted.  The tokens can be purchased using fiat and will be used to buy other cryptocurrencies on Golix exchange at zero transaction fees.

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