Gold Man Sachs Cryptocurrency and The Future

Another great reason why crypto is the future and why you should invest as early as now. Crypto will soon replace gold as store of value. Profitability in crypto outweighs that of gold. Expect Bitcoin to rise again soon which will drag the price of Indigen with it. Keep hodling your IDG. There is no reason to dump at this early stage of our developments. We are just pumping up gas for our road trip to infinity and beyond.
Goldman Sachs is tapping crypto trading
By Business Intelligence

Goldman Sachs will soon be the first Wall Street bank to launch crypto-related trading operations.
It plans to roll out a number of derivatives that will allow customers to buy contracts related to price fluctuations in Bitcoin, and aims to create a more flexible type of futures product, called a non-deliverable forward, down the line.
The decision to introduce such products comes after Goldman concluded that there was demand from its customers to hold cryptos as a commodity similar to gold.
Building out a full-scale crypto trading desk will probably take some time. While there is no set date for the launch of these products, it will probably be within a few weeks.
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