Gimibits – A Cryptocurrency Brokerage for Nigeria

Behold, there is a reason for Nigerian cryptocurrency owners to smile with joy in their hearts. You might be wondering why? The reason is very simple; the Gimibits crypto-brokerage app for Nigeria is currently live on the Android Playstore. Gimibits is a cryptocurrency brokerage for Nigeria that connects to the world’s largest cryptocurrency markets in order to ensure that clients can instantly buy and sell cryptocurrency at the best price. It is important to understand here that the platform currently offers 20 trading pairs. In addition, it offers 0% deposit fees, and 0.5% trade fees during the Beta launch.

Gimibits Mobile Application

Basically, the main goal of this brokerage app is to facilitate cryptocurrency trading as well as increase its level of safety. Behold, its pricing engine connects to the world’s largest exchanges thereby allowing all users to instantly execute trades at affordable prices. Note that its UI and UX ensure that every important function (sell, buy, transfer, and refer) can always be reached with just a single touch. In addition, everything required is actually contained within the App itself, this includes; bank verification, KYC, onboarding, as well as an effective customer support.

Relationship between Gimibits and BitGo

Gimibits uses BitGo as a trusted custodial to hold all reserve cryptocurrency, apart from sourcing liquidity through credible exchanges and high liquid. Also note that they are planning to add more exchanges as time goes on. BitGo is perhaps the most credible and trusted institutional custodian in the digital space across the whole world. Truth be told, BitGo is responsible for almost a 5th of all Bitcoin Transactions, provides insurance for deposits, and deploys cutting edge security. Below are some of the benefits that you’ll get from them:

  1. High limits on deposits and withdrawals
  2. Trade 20 BTC and NGN pairs with a few clicks
  3. Deep liquidity and minimum slippage
  4. Secure, institutional-grade security through BitGo
  5. Direct contact with the dev team for technical support and feedback
  6. Unique price discovery algorithm always finds the best available price

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