GeoPay is a payment settlements

Geopay Review : Powering Money Transfer at Lightning Speed on Blockchain.

GeoPay is a payment system that provide lightning speed cross-border settlements in over 20 countries in Africa and beyond.
GeoPay is a payment system that provide lightning speed cross-border settlements in over 20 countries in Africa and beyond.


The Africans have taken an advanced step from mining gold and other economic minerals to mining cryptocurrencies and making their ways to a better financial future. This has greatly created the need for cryptocurrency exchange platforms to render all transactions very easy and affordable. This is the case with GeoPay which was founded and started back in the year 2014 in South Africa.

What is GeoPay

Displaying the latest digital technology, GeoPay is more of an advanced blockchain-based remittance numerical platform. It was created with one main objective which is to facilitate the flow of remittances from different parts of the world into Africa. GeoPay is very easy to use, you do not require prerequisite knowledge in bitcoins before using it. The company works with many tellers within and out of South Africa. Hence it allows all its users to withdraw, spend, and send money through all available neighborhood GeoPay tellers.

How does GeoPay work?

GeoPay works by settling cross-border payments in a fast and easy manner. In addition, they offer a great user experience which integrates local currency in the emerging markets. Being created to offer peer-to-peer remittance services that run on the block chain, it works by allowing people who are in the diaspora to easily send back money to their homeland. Apart from being ultrafast in executing money transactions, it also saves much on conversion and transfer rates.

In addition, we’ll say that it works by offering blockchain-based international money transfer services from different places in the world. The GeoPay startup comes with a dedicated Android and Apple app which gives all its users the ability to carry out transactions through their phones.

The GeoPay Android or Apple app allows its users to send money to anyone and anywhere around the world. In addition, it also allows you to make instant merchant payments. GeoPay services are rendered efficient thanks to its network of highly qualified agents who are mostly based in the local town.

GeoPay does not only focus on remittances, they also have a goal of developing and promoting e-commerce in Africa. You might wonder how they plan to do this. They have strategized everything through the provision of mobile-based peer-to-peer online transactions. They are also determined in creating online social welfare payments. In other to successfully go about doing all these, the startup partakes in in-bank development programs.

You can deposit or withdraw money from your GeoPay account anywhere that you find a GeoTeller. The GeoPay Android and Apple apps all have an option to add one’s debit card. Once your debit card has been added, you have the ability to make payments through the app. Anti-innovative users who do not want to use the app can go for the SMS or USSD-technology using option.

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