E Dinar The Tunisian Cryptocurrency and Blockchain solution

E-Dinar Coin

It has not been long that the financial world experienced a great revolution by the adoption of cryptocurrencies or digital currencies. Amazingly, these digital currencies even turned out to be more efficient than most of the fiat currencies that were in existence. In addition, these cryptocurrencies proved themselves to better meet the qualities or characteristics of money than the fiat currency. And it was still in this same light of searching for ideal or better currencies that the E-Dinar Coin was brought into existence.

What is E-Dinar Coin?

The E-Dinar Coin is relatively a new cryptocurrency in the world which came in with success where others had failed. It stepped in to the digital financial world with an issuance of 22 Billion of E-Dinar Coin together with an amazing distribution of 20% reward for every single month for all its new users until 2022. This is a very great ROI which leaves us wondering if it is real or just a well masked scam that is aimed at stealing our money. Whatever the case, let’s continuously unfold our writing in order to find out if they are worth a try.

E-Dinar Coin is a special internal cryptocurrency that operates based on a closed blockchain. It is fully controlled by the members of the online community and has users from all angles of the world. The E-Dinar Coin denoted EDC was released with an open code allowing its users to trade on external exchanges.

The EDC has always been marketed as a virtual crypto-coin which is fully based on the cryptocurrencies. It has a private blockchain to ensure the continuity of its transactions in a secured manner. It is greatly promoted by the websites e-dinar.io and edinarcoin.com.

The currency claims to be growing with a rapid growth rate of up to 20% every month. This implies that you will earn the same rate for purchasing EDC for two years. In addition, its mining structure allows you to get a bonus income from the turnover of your structure till the 7th generation.

How safe is E-Dinar Coin?

The E-Dinar coin is not very different from other cryptocurrencies since it has a volatile nature too. Hence, just as you’ll be advised with all other cryptocurrencies, we’ll also advise you here to drop in only what you can afford to lose. The E-dinar platform does have a referral program which is quite interesting and eventually boost the number of people using it.

The protection of E-Dinar Coin is built on a highly sophisticated proof-of-stake technology which is hacker resistant. This advanced level of security makes use of the proof of keeping a certain amount of funds in the account. This system has proven itself worthy to stand attacks from hackers since its creation. The amount of cash which you get on daily basis is sent directly into your cryptocurrency wallet which is supposedly secured to a high level.

Is E-Dinar Coin user-friendly?

It is just ok to want to know if you won’t encounter lots of difficulties in trading with the E-Dinar Coin. Since its creation, most of its users have often positively rated it for ease in use. In addition, it also suits newbies and does not require a mastery of how the digital financial world operates before you can go about trading with it.


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