CrpytoHorse Interview: The Decentralised Block Chain Horse-Racing Game

Hello, we are a crypto start up aimed at promoting cryptocurrencies in Africa and the world at large. We came across . We noticed an innovation using the block chain technology in the gaming industry. It did catch our interest since the gaming industry is quiet big and when blended with block chain can lead to a giant project. We had an interview with o the Crypto Horse team and here is what we gathered.

  1. CRYPTOAFRICA :Can you introduce your team and project ?                                                                                                                                             #CyptoHorse: We are a Blockchain Horse-Racing Game ecosystem. A decentralized APP with which you can breed Crypto horses for a horse race. Crypto Horse is an economic system around horse racing. Our team has scattered developers around the world. We see ourselves as a local company. Anyone can join us and use its strengths for this project.
  2. CRYPTOAFRICA : -How did you guys find each other?

We have agreed on the Discord, Telegram. The only obstacle was the time difference. From the US to India or from Switzerland to Taiwan. I look forward to the moment when the whole team comes together .
3.Who came up with the idea?
The idea of developing games has always been a human instinct. Even as a child fascinated us the world of strategy games. To develop a strategy game for the blockchain, was hard to imagine 5 years ago.
4. Do you have any office for now. If yes, where is it located?
No. We have no office and will not need any. We are all remote workers and Digital Nomads. We want to be decentralised..
5.CRYPTOAFRICA:-Developing a block chain project takes a lot of time and money.

    1. How much time have you spent developing, and how much money had been invested into the project?

The development of the Beta version has required 5 months. Thanks to our developer our community develop every month add a new extension. We are currently working at the Horseshoe for our horses.
The cost of this Project was  less than expected. A small start-up capital can be compensated by knowledge. Our users are enthusiastic about the gameplay, and the basic costs are low. We could launch even without large bugs the first test phase in November 2017 to complete and thus end the development of faster than expected.
6. CRYPTOAFRICA: Tell us about the size of the launch list, your goals for customers, and revenue.

Currently, 10,000 users are active daily in the Crypto gaming market. Our vision is a market with 100 million potential users in 2021. We want to 5 – to reach 10% market share with our Crypto games. Currently, we are in the top 10 best-selling block Chain games

7. Crypto Africa: The Game and Cryptocurrencies

What is the name of the game you are working on and why did you make that choice?
Crypto Horse – Much Information & short name.
  Crypto Africa: Do you have any crypto currency on your platform?
We opted against our own currency because the market size would be too small for this dAPP otherwise. We want to create a way, Ethereum and NEO users to invest their money in games long term. There are separate tokens or coins meeting the value of a horse or jockey. Each CHC – Coin is assigned its own ETH value.
Are users of your platform permited to use other cryptocurrencies or fiat currency?
On our platform, you can pay with Ethereum. We use the ERC 20 and ERC 721 standard of Ethereum. Soon, we also offer a payment with NEO and EOS. The era of fiat currency is over.

8. challenges  

Crypto Africa: What is the biggest challenge, you faced in developing this platform?
We are currently faced with questions that sometimes give no answers. A World-regulation of the industry chain block is not expected. I will not say that a non-regulation seems sensible with it. It needs a regulation for programmers. Who owns a Smart Contract? Who is liable for a decentralized company? Questions of tax law or corporate law must be evaluated new. There are currently many scammers and fakes on the scene. Whether pyramids or Ponzi games. Currently, the market for Crypto Games is improved. There are a few exceptions that provide a long-term game experience.
It is not easy to make a liquidity forecast for the next 12 months. Almost an impossible task. The scene is fast and the market faster. You realize how within the last two years, a mass market for blockchain applications arises. Yet we are all newcomers. This experiential deficit is one of the biggest challenges.
Crypto Africa: Did you meet media or investors that don’t understand anything about your project? If yes, share one or two experience(s).
No, we were prevented by an active communication. For us, it was important to offer a white paper from the beginning. ICO’s is standard. Many Crypto Games don’t show this important information for investors. We currently receive ongoing offers from investors who often do not realize how the scene transforms and grows. Short-term success requires shorter-term deals. Those who do not take part lags behind
9. Crypto Africa: Is the any block chain project in the gaming industry that you admire? Do you intend to be like them or your idea a fresh?
Still, the industry is very young. We admire some companies which are not directly related to our company but operate in the block chain ecosystem -. Without a solid economic system a long-term success is not guaranteed
10. Crypto Africa: What are some key partners that you are working with?
Important partners are trading exchanges for collectibles, blockchain gaming magazines. We also have partners in Japan and China. It’s impressive how the market of crypto collectibles Asia conquered. Especially the Chinese are avid horse racing fans.
We are currently in preliminary negotiations with several well-known investors. Cause our excellent equity ratio and the recent successes we have a good bargaining position.
Not to forget all our horse owners. We see them as partners and investors.
11. Crypto Africa: Do you have any community that you will use to promote your platform?
News can be found on our Discord Channel. We are present in many social media. Our community is crosslinked.
12. Crypto Africa: Do you have any plans to work with Crypto Africa?
Yes, we are planning a joint cooperation. We want, for example, giving away horses and horseshoes.  The optimal strategies and game updates you could read here.

                                                                          13 Crypto Africa : Competitors

i. Do you have any competitors?
The market is enormous. The potential for beginning.
The competitors are offline/online casinos and high-quality blockchain games. The former will disappear.
                          Who are the main competitors and what makes your idea unique?
Our main competitors are present dapps which more than a Ponzi system. We are the first blockchain based horse racing game. Our racetracks will be acquirable. Our system is growing.
We want to offer not only horses or horse racing ,also everything around it. A whole city of infrastructures. Everyone should be able to take part. Whether as a team owner, race organizers, iron miner (for horseshoe blacksmith) or as a farmer (leather for the saddle).
14– Crypto Africa :The African community is a good market as the awareness on block chain is still low. Do you have any plans to win this market?
The African community is well networked and in Zimbabwe, the blockain standard is known more as for example in the United States.
Africa is more than a country, or a market. The cultures are different and yet we all have the dream of play, excitement and fun.
We want to integrate the African market as early as possible, because we see the growth opportunities of the future Internet in Africa.
But I also have a personal concern. I want all newborns in Africa to be able to write smart contracts in 10 years, opening up their own micro shops. That should be the future for our youth. Writing, reading, calculating, intercultural understanding, art and above all the opportunity to make money – these are the possibilities that people need.
We are currently casting an English and French-language marketing team for Africa.
Willing to get in touch with us.
Think back to the gold rush. The one who sold the shovels was rich.

15- Crypto Africa : Where do you see this project in the next 5 years?

A global community living in a town called Crypto City Horse.
the value of a race track will then be at $ 30 million.
The first Jockey owners can generate a good return for 4 years.
crypto horse will offer Jobs for VR Workers.
Any developer can dock to our Developer Platform an extension of our city.


Crypto Africa : What else do you want to tell the World and Africa in particular?
We are entering a new era. The differences between the “North” and “South” must be overcome. dApps can replace states in the future. I appeal to every citizen to get as familiar with the blockchain as possible.. Those who take part early can help shape. This form of democracy is new and exciting – so we should deal with it.
Thank you for taking the time to talk to us and presenting your idea to the world. We wish you the best in your project and looking forward to seeing Crypto horse making millions of dollars or more in the future.
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CRYPTO Africa want you to experience the Smart city on block chain by taking a Horse Race on the Ethereum Network. #CryptoHorse #CryptoCity #SmartCities Few spots available
Comment below if you are interested.

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  1. Hi sir,I with be very glad to try the game. Thank you for granting me the opportunity to test this game.
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    1. Hi Roland,
      We are very glad that you want to test the game.
      If you have questions, you can always contact us.
      Much joy

  2. I tried the game and i loved it its fun and i LOVE the layout too there is nothing in the scene like that its amazing

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