Cryptocurrency Elite Gathering at Crypto Fest 2019 in South Africa

The first-ever Crypto Festival will be hosted by Bitcoin Events in Cape Town on the 7th of September 2019 at Shimmy Beach Club, V&A Waterfront. This is the first event of its kind being held in South Africa, a country with a remarkable interest in cryptocurrencies. It is without doubt that this event will provide several insights into why South Africans have fully embraced trading and investing in cryptocurrencies.

What we can expect at the Crypto Fest

As of the writing time, Bitcoin is 10 years old and with it has come a plethora of exciting new ways to track, invest, transact, and conduct business. The main objective of the Crypto Fest 2019 is to bring cryptocurrencies to life. This objective will be achieved through immersive activities showcasing examples of real-world applications and increase engagement opportunities to successfully establish the conditions needed to accelerate cryptocurrency adoption through controversial crypto debates in the Crypto Battle Arena, fun competition with crypto giveaways, and crypto gaming. This festival will end with a special crypto party.

On the Crypto Fest Stage

Recognized thought leaders in the cryptocurrency industry will be warmly welcomed in this special festival aimed at innovating digital currencies. Below are the confirmed speakers who will by handling the festival:

KHAYA MALONEY: He is a blockchain design solutions architect and strategic fintech business developer who resides in South Africa. Khaya Maloney is currently the OKEx Country Manger for South Africa Market. In this position, he is responsible for growth development.

MARTIN HARRIS: Professional Trader and Marketing Analyst at IG.

SHANTNU SAXENA: EV At Huobi MENA. Due to his superb professional skills, he is considered as an innovative and result-driven leader who is specialized in the achievement of results in highly competitive environments.

MARIUS REITZ: He is the General Manger for Africa at Luno, one of the leading global cryptocurrency companies having its headquarters in London. Marius Reitz joined Luno back in the year 2016. He has helped the company grow to a diverse team of 300 people across 3 continents.

CLAIRE HALL: She is the MC For Women In Crypto Meetup, Sydney. She’s passionate about cryptocurrencies and puts in all her effort to lead women into embracing the daily use of cryptocurrencies.

ABRAHAM CAMBRIDGE: He is the founder and CEO of the Sun Exchange. He’s also a serial energy entrepreneur that establishes businesses and projects revolving around Solar energy. He is committed to effecting socio-economic changes for the best through his innovative approach.

Sponsors on the Crypto Fest Throne

Premier Sponsors:

  • AltCoinTrader SA
  • IG

Diamond Sponsor:

  • OKEx

Platinum Sponsors:

  • Huobi
  • MineBest
  • Stratum

Gold Sponsors:

  • Luno
  • Sun Exchange

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