Cryptocurrency Adoption in Nigeria will become more Institutional as revealed in an Interview with Luno’s Country Manager

Luno, a leading cryptocurrency company with it headquarter in London has actively been making significant efforts to promote crypto-education and adoption in Nigeria. Of recent, the Country’s Manger, Owenize Woghiren-Odia, revealed in an interview that cryptocurrency adoption in Nigeria will become more institutional.

Promoting Crypto education in one university at a time happens to be Luno’s strategy used in demystifying cryptocurrencies to the Nigerian Population. Of recent, we learnt that the company is targeting universities in all geopolitical zones that are located in West African Nations. They do this with the main aim of creating awareness of digital currencies and promoting their everyday use in the modern society.

Recently, Luno addressed students of the University of Lagos, and the company plans to proceed with its mission of educating and calling on university students to embrace digital currencies. According to Owenize Woghiren-Odiah, Nigerian Manager for Luno, crypto education will help all Nigerians in the process of dissociating between genuine cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin from Ponzi schemes that are out to make away with their hard-earned cash.

There has been a global feeling that cryptocurrency adoption could show up with great benefits for the African continent. This same feeling is shared by the Nigerians. Owenize takes a step ahead by envisaging and pointing to a bright future in the digital currency industry for Nigerians. In addition to this, she firmly believes that the nearby future of Cryptocurrency adoption in Nigeria will become more institutional. Owenize went forth to saying that many big financial service companies are interested and willing to actively embrace cryptocurrencies, but they are hindered by regulation. However, she says with confidence that the implementation of national regulations will act as a major boost to the adoption and daily use of digital currencies in Nigeria. As of the writing time, Luno is self-regulating but we believe that things will soon change for the best.

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