Crypto Wrap Up January 2019

This Week in Crypto – The Essentials With Cryptocurrency Investing

1) Overstock launched tZero live

-Overstock is a two decade old online retail company, similar to amazon, that did 1.75B in revenue in 2017.

-In November, they announced they are selling their entire retail branch this february and going all in on blockchain.

-This week they launched Tzero live. Their share price has gone up from 13.60 to 18.38 in 10 days

-Providing liquidity for traditionally illiquid assets – real estate $217 trillion total. The total value of all the gold ever mined is approximately US $6 trillion.

-New and improved stock market. Now everything traded on traditional stock markets can be traded 24/7 on a global network.

-Cheaper and faster to STO than to IPO

-Market cap 590M

2) BTC volume on Local Bitcoins steadily on the rise

-Argentina, Colombia, Peru, Chile, Venezuela

-Bitcoin is both becoming a tangible currency, and is here to stay.

-Short term price action is far less relevant than charts that show long-term adoption and usage. Sustainable price appreciation follows long-term adoption and that’s exactly what we are seeing.

-The world is migrating toward plan ₿.

3) Binance OTC counter launched,

– Binance OTC is going crypto to crypto for orders over 20BTC

– Will not influence the order books

4) Binance Chain launching soon

-Cheaper and faster than Ethereum

– Will not support smart conrtracts right away

– If it’s only for the issuance of tokens, it makes sense to use Binance chain

“If you’re only using ERC20 as a token, there’s no real reason for you to stay on Ethereum. Whereas on Binance Chain, you get one-second transaction confirmations. One confirmation is final. So it’s a much faster chain and the transaction fees are cheaper. So there’s a lot of advantages for them to move to Binance Chain, which uses a native DEX.” – CZ

5) Binance DEX launching soon

– DEX’s are faster, cheaper, more secure, less vulnerable to attacks, and anonymous

“We do want to build five to ten fiat onramps around different parts of the world, hopefully spreading out from different continents… We want to help the industry grow and the crypto market.” – CZ

6) Samsung Galaxy s10 built-in crypto wallet

-The wallet will allow users to create a new wallet from scratch or import an existing wallet to transfer funds.

– Users will have full control over their private keys and crypto funds.

– From the leaked pictures, it’s evident that the wallet supports Ethereum (ETH), but it doesn’t show any other cryptos.

– The Samsung Blockchain KeyStore also includes a hot crypto wallet for viewing account information, transfers and transaction history.

– Samsung holds a smartphone market share of 21% worldwide. In 2017, the firm sold 317 million smartphones.

– The new phone version of Samsung is not scheduled to hit markets until May of this year.

7) President of Venezuala denied withdrawal to withdraw his own gold from European bank

– ” Not your bank, not your gold … not your keys, not your crypto”

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