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Three Crypto and Blockchain Africa’s tech startups to be showcased under theme “Where African Tech Connects”

Africa Technology Summit to take place in Rwanda under theme “Where African Tech Connects.”

Kigali – Rwanda’s capital city starting February 13 to 15 will host biggest Africa’s Technology Summit which will see three blockchain African tech startups showcased under the banner “Where African Tech Connects.”

Cryptocurrency and blockchain experts, stakeholders, investors and corporate will discuss challenges and opportunities encountered by crypto and blockchain tech startups around ecosystem on the continent.      

Three of the selected Crypto and Blockchain startups

Announcing on the summit website the three of the selected startups are Leaf, RideSafe and DeMars.


Founded in 2017 with market targets in Rwanda, DRC and Burundi, Leaf is an integrated financial services provider whose virtual bank, mobile platform offers financial services to emigrants, refugees and excluded person.  The mobile app based being developed will be used to facilitate cash to cryptocurrency conversion through blockchain technology.

The financial services enable migrants, refugees and excluded person, deposit cash at a mobile money agent in their home country and then send that money into a Leaf account.

The company stores the transaction on the blockchain and works in partnership with regional banks to safeguard currency.

Leaf integrated financial services provider CEO, Nat Robinson says,

“The app will be very crucial to refugees or displaced person that needs to cross borders of multiple countries for safety reasons as it will allow them to store their money in stable investments.”

In order to protect the said above marginalised people against volatile nature of cryptocurrencies, the value of their money will not be stored in digital currencies.

Leaf mobile app holders can as well contribute into their accounts after which they can make withdrawals upon reaching safer places received into new currency or use their balances as security on a microloan.


RideSafeHailling from Kenya, RideSafe is a mobile-based insuretech app that runs on the Aeternity blockchain, which provides real-time health solutions to the public motorbike sector in case of an accident. RideSafe clients will be eligible to earn weekly income of $0.35 or monthly cult of $1.5 paid via mobile wallets giving them fast qualification to access health schemes in RideSafe outlets which prides of having 15 partner facilities. 


This is a Mauritius-based startup that is working on the first mobile money platform and blockchain protocol for the emerging markets. The unbanked community of youth age with population of 1.7 billion who owns mobile phones will be the target financial services beneficiaries.

Plans are underway by June 2019 to launch Beta Mobile App in Zimbabwe and South Africa with expectation to extend it further to Europe.

Opportunities to attract investors

As the crypto and blockchain technology continues leveraging with its great potential on the continent, this summit, is the perfect platform for the three selected startups to pitch their tech projects and woo more than 400 potential investors, corporate sector and media.

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