Coinpesa Review : The Uganda Exchange to Buy and Sell Bitcoin with Mobile Money


The world has eventually adapted the use of digital cryptocurrencies. While some countries are already running on digital currencies, others are gradually welcoming the idea. This rapid increase in the use of cryptocurrencies around the world has eventually created the need for exchange platforms in order to facilitate trading transactions. And it is at this point that CoinPesa steps in.

What is CoinPesa?

It is not strange to hear someone asking what is CoinPesa. Whatever the case, the name is very familiar to cryptocurrency traders around the world. But if you don’t know what is CoinPesa, it is not a sufficient reason to panic because we are here to guide you through the process of knowing and using CoinPesa to boost your financial account.

CoinPesa is a digital currency exchange platform that operates on the latest blockchain technology in the world. It was built to focus on the emerging markets in Africa which are having a great potential of expansion in a nearby future. In addition, it focuses on enhancing financial inclusion in Africa through the use of blockchain-based digital assets.

How CoinPesa works?

In order to use or benefit from any of the services being offered by CoinPesa, you’ll need to first register as a customer on their official website and obtain a CoinPesa account. In registering for an account, you’ll be requested to provide the following information; your name, an identification number which is associated to the form of your acceptable identification, your date of birth, your physical address, your email address, your telephone number, your government identification number, your nationality, your tax payer identification number, username, password, and a copy of your passport. You’ll just have to keep it in mind that as days unfold, additional information can be requested as need arises.

After creating your CoinPesa user account, you’ll be able to initiate an exchange transaction at any time in order to exchange Bitcoin for your National currency. You can also exchange your National Currency for Bitcoin and deposit in your CoinPesa wallet. In addition, you can also initiate a purchase transaction which is aimed at exchanging National Currency for Bitcoin and depositing it into your payor account. Once done, you’ll be offered the ability to transfer these funds from your wallet into any payee account of your choice.

If you desire to initiate an exchange transaction, you first need to transfer bitcoin into your CoinPesa account. You’ll need to agree with the exchange rate being proposed by the platform. Choose a payee account into which the National Currency will be deposited. After this, you’ll need to confirm your transaction. Always remember that once you have confirmed the transaction, there is no moving back. As from here, everything will be processed automatically until your desired amount is being deposited. When it has been successfully deposited, you’ll be notified.

If you desire to initiate a purchase transaction, you’ll need to fully provide the necessary information about your valid mobile money account or bank account. After which you’ll need to agree with the exchange rate that is being proposed by the platform. At this point, you’ll need to designate a payer account into which the requested amount of bitcoin will be deposited. Remember to confirm the transaction and wait for a success notification.

CoinPesa launches its ICO

CoinPesa launches ICO in order to expand and win more users around the world. This program is aimed at acquainting users about how CoinPesa runs as well as encouraging them to partake in the company’s financial initiative. Still on growing the number of people using CoinPesa, the company came up with a Champion Referral Program. This program pays a commission to any successful user who refers a person into the platform.



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