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BuyCoins Africa :The Nigerian Platform to Buy Bitcoin Ethereum and Litecoin with the Naira

Bitkoin Africa or

The process of buying and selling bitcoin as well as other cryptocurrencies in Africa has been challenging till present date. However, the continent has some bitcoin exchanges but they do not really provide the best experience in this sector.

In addition, having to move money across the boundaries of the different African countries is still very difficult and even impossible in some areas while in others, it presents lots of restrictions on the amount being moved. And as a result, Bitkoin Africa came in with a couple of efficient solutions to resolve the majority of these problems.

What is ? is a peer-to-peer or person-to-person cryptocurrency trading platform. It allows all its users to buy as well as sell cryptocurrencies to other users. The major cryptocurrencies on this platform includes bitcoin, litecoin and Bitcoin. However more will be added as need be with the incresing population in the Crypto Africa world. Bitkoin Africa is chiefly based in Lagos, Nigeria where it fully strives to bring solutions to all the cryptocurrency trading issues which are faced by Nigerians. This digital platform was founded by Timi Ajiboye.

How does Bitkoin Africa work?

Just as we previously mentioned, this digital financial platform is aimed at creating opportunities for its users to buy and sell cryptocurrencies. It works by rendering the process of trading bitcoins easy for all investors who are serious about making some cash in the digital world.

Their transactions are highly secured and convenient for every user. Carrying out transactions through this platform is very easy for both newbies and experts. It offers the ability for users to purchase bitcoins with their debit cards and at each time they sell, they get paid directly into their bank account. steps in with innovative strategies and objectives to act differently from all the existing platforms by allowing all its users to purchase, sell, store, and conveniently exchange bitcoins in a faster time. The platform boast of an instant settlement on all its trades without necessary communicating with the different buyers and sellers. With these qualities, the Bitkoin Africa cryptocurrency exchange platform turns out to be the best in executing Bitcoin trades in Africa.

This digital financial platform also offers top secured Bitcoin wallets together with escrow services for the different traders in circulation. In addition, it allows for so many payment methods through Paystack. Here, users purchase or sell bitcoin by simply creating or responding to the available Trade Postings and ads which are seen in the classified platforms. In addition, all its users are able to create Trade Postings indicating how much they want to buy or sell.

In order to prevent fraud between users, its escrow services ensure that users do not have to interact with each other during financial transactions. In addition, the platform also hosts all the bitcoins which are traded on board within its super secured in-house bitcoin wallet.

What makes different?

This company comes in with a look from different angles to the issues related to trading bitcoin in Nigeria. When compared to other platforms, we realize that Bitkoin Africa is fully focused on providing the needs of its users. In addition, it has a highly responsive customer service team which seeks to resolve and bring solutions to every issue that a user can likely encounter along the way of trading Bitcoin. In addition, the platform is highly responsive and user friendly even for newbies.


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