Buy Airtime with Bitcoins in Africa: List of Countries on Bitrefill

Bitcoin is one the most popular currencies with value above 4000$. We have written several articles on bitcoins. In our last post, we saw how to buy airtime in Cameroon with bitcoin. Crypto Africa has simplified the need for bitcoins in Africa by providing you with the trade plat form where you can buy bitcoin at the best rates. This holds with other African countries which we have decided to list in this post.
Bitrefill is a website where  you  can recharge any prepaid mobile phone using bitcoin.  For the moment, bitrefill is available in  over  150 countries and   600 operators. The website is available in English, French, Arabic , Spanish and Russian. With cryptocurrencies being the new currency , you can buy airtime in Nigeria, Cameroon among others on bitrefill. Below are the African countries where you can buy with bitrefill for the moment.



         Anguilla

         Antigua and Barbuda

         Argentina

         Armenia

         Benin

         Botswana,

Burkina Faso, 




Cape Verde,

         Central African Republic

         Congo

         Democratic Republic of the Congo

         Egypt

         Ethiopia

         Gabon

         Gambia

         Ghana

         Guinea

         Guinea Bissau

         Indonesia

         Ivory Coast

         Kenya

         Liberia

         Madagascar

         Malawi

         Malaysia

         Mali

         Morocco

         Mozambique

         Niger

         Nigeria

         Rwanda

         Senegal

         Sierra Leone

         Somalia

         South Africa

         Sudan

We believe other countries will be added soon. You can subscribe on Crypto Africa to get more updates about this innovation and make things happen with bitcoin and digital currencies. This post reminds you that bitcoin is real. As such you should invest and enjoy the million dollar advantage that comes with Cryptocurrencies. Think of it when your money doubles 1000 times in a year. Are you using bitcoins and altcoins?

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