Blockchain Technology Adopted by Carico Cafe’ Connoisseur Uganda’s Coffee Producer

Blockchain technology has been adopted by Carico Café’ Connoisseur , Uganda’s Coffee Producer enabling supply chain to be monitored through Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) as coffee is shipped from the supplier to the consumer.

The blockchain technology behind virtual currency Bitcoin will assist in certifying and checking of coffee from Uganda which is the Africa’s largest coffee exporter to growing demand of buyers in European countries and USA.

On the consuming end, buyers will be able to check when coffee was harvested, which part of Uganda was it grown and type of coffee bean.

Mwambu Wanendeya Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Carico Café’ Connoisseur told local press,

“Uganda exports almost all of its beans in raw form, so for foreign consumers want more information about the coffee products they buy.”

It is possible to trace the whereabouts of coffee consignment by bar code scanning or QR codes using Smartphone and certification webpage.

The CEO further explained,

“The idea is to give the consumer an appreciation of what happens along the journey and also to ensure that there is more communication with the farmer on the ground.”

The move with potential to boost coffee Uganda farmers’ income with 10 percent growth margin as many consumers in most cases are willing to pay more for coffee that can be traced back to their origin source.

With this blockchain technology, Uganda eyes to increase export of its coffee from current calculation of around 4 million 60 kilograms bags per annum.

The Blockchain technology will be championed by IBM with provision of shared tallying data transmitted via network of isolated computers opposed to a single platform.

This will deter violation and hardening secure way of tracking goods along supply chain.

On daily basis a lot of business firms’ ventures into the use of Blockchain technology in handling of their businesses as the facility offer reliability, safer, and quick way of transacting by bringing dedicated network channels with no involvement of middlemen.

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