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BitMari : Bitcoin Wallet and Agritech Acceleration Services in Africa

BitMari was founded in 2015 as a blockchain aimed at facilitating the process of sending money to Africa from every corner of the World. Since creation, it has significantly improved on the quality and speed of money transactions between Africa and the rest of the world. In addition to this, we’ll say that it has greatly contributed and is still contributing to the economic growth of Africa.

What you Should Know About Bitmari  

BitMari is a legit blockchain platform in Africa. While Zimbabwe has fully embraced this company, it won’t be long for other African countries to do same given that many have already adopted it. It works in collaboration with the Central Bank of Zimbabwe in order to render the process of sending money to Zimbabwe time efficient, effective, and secured. Haven received an official collaboration license from the Central Bank of Zimbabwe really outstands this platform and makes it worth a try.  

Being a Pan-African blockchain company, it has the full potential to capture a bigger part of the billions of remittances that are being sent to Africa on yearly basis. It makes use of the bitcoin technology in facilitating money transfers from the diaspora into Africa. Customers can safely and efficiently send their money using bitcoin from any corner of the world through

BitMari was created with an anti-neocolonial point of view. This makes it to outstand the different banks in Africa that are having full control over people’s finances. With it, you can pay a low remittance cost in sending money to your family members back in Africa.

Bitmari Wallet

When you visit, you have the ability to create an account which will serve in the money transfers. Once you create an account, you are given a BitMari wallet. When given this crypto wallet, you’ll need to verify it and get whitelisted in fully knowing your customer process. You have the choice of funding your BitMari wallet from your bank account or simply using bitcoin. Once it has been funded, you are free to transfer the money in all safety.   

This crypto wallet uses sophisticated protocols to highly secure your bitcoins. It was designed to support different African languages among which are Zulu, Shona, Wolof, Ndebele, Swahili, Sotho, and Tswana. This notwithstanding, the company is in a continuous process of incorporating new languages in order to render the platform accessible to everyone.

Up to date, this wallet accepts only bitcoin due to its popularity in the Africa. But we can expect a future adjustment in its system to incorporate other cryptocurrencies in order to make money transfers very easy.

How Bitmari Operates

After creating an account at the company’s website and receiving a BitMari wallet, you can deposit money into this wallet and transfer it to your desired destination. The transfer process has been rendered easy with the BitMari Mobile App. Through this App, you can send money from your wallet to Africa and collect it in USD. With fees of only 4%, it turns out to be highly economical and affordable for everyone when compared with other money sending methods in Africa.

The process is completed when the receiver actually gets the money. What we love about this method is that the receiver does not need a BitMari wallet before he/she can collect the money. This makes it user friendly and suitable for those whose family members haven’t completely embraced technology.

BitMari Affiliate Program

The BitMari affiliate program has been in existence for a couple of years today and has quite been fruitful. It comes in to increase the number of people using BitMari for all their money transactions to Africa. Here, you can easily earn a commission of up to 25% on the different transaction fees of the people you sent the link to. If you decide to promote the company, you’ll likely get a free training on how to go about getting more referrals and earning more from the company.

BitMari Agritech Accelerator  B

Most African countries have agricultural activities as their economic backbone. And haven understood this, BitMari came up with an interesting way of directly investing into the Zimbabwe’s agricultural sector.

This project dates back to 2016 and was assisted by the local government in order to help female farmers in the country. Here, the company has a crowdfunding platform which is opened to investors who are ready and willing to raise money that will be sent via bitcoin for farmers to purchase the necessary equipment in their sector.

This brings us to the end of our write-up on BitMari which uses the latest blockchain technology in sending money to African countries especially Zimbabwe. In addition, it’s rapid and low-cost payment transfers overcome the traditional remittance platforms that come at exorbitant transfer fees.

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