BitFund South African Cryptocurrency Investment Platform

Many are millionaires today thanks to cryptocurrency. But have you ever asked yourself how they made it to the Millionaire rank? If you’ve ever done so, chances are very high that you have an idea of what BitFund does. If you don’t, simply relax because we are here to help you. There are lots of opportunities to make money in the digital world for smart people who easily welcome technology. Many have had their lives changed because they gave it a try. What happened to them can as well happen to you if only you will carefully study their steps and embrace the risks which they embraced. It’s almost impossible to talk of ways of making money that do not come with risks.

What is BitFund

In simple words, BitFund is a South African cryptocurrency platform that allows individuals are groups of people to invest in digital currencies. It steps in to break that barrier which has been preventing people from investing and making money in the cryptocurrency market. Hence, we can say that it offers the possibility for everyone to become part of the digital financial revolution brought about by cryptocurrencies.

What makes BitFund different from other cryptocurrency investment platforms?

Desiring to know the particularities of BitFund is quite normal and we’ll help you out. It is very important to always find out in details about every investment which you wish to embrace. This will prevent you from getting into hard times due to money lose. Below are some of the factors that make BitFund a platform worth embracing.


Everyone knows that embracing a non-secured business is a bad idea. It will not only send you out of the market, but it will also ruin your financial life. Having this in mind, BitFund was created to safely store all client funds. Here, we can talk of some sort of “Deep Cold Storage”. Requested fund withdrawals are reflected within a period of 24 hours. The withdrawal process has to do with BitFund selling off all required cryptocurrency assets. Once this is done, an Electronic Funds Transfer of the requested value is then sent into a bank account. It can as well make a single Bitcoin deposit of the amount requested into a Bitcoin wallet.

Transaction fees

Unlike most cryptocurrency trading platforms with high transaction fees, BitFund comes at affordable levels. It charges an annual management fee of 2.4% on the total value of cryptocurrencies on hold. In addition, it also charges a low exit fee of 1% to make up for any cost incurred in liquidating your portfolio as well as returning your portfolio proceeds. Note that this 1% fee is charged at the point of exit.

Investment opportunity

BitFund creates a far better cryptocurrency investment opportunity when compared with most of the local cryptocurrency investment platforms. With BitFund, you are offered easy and reliable opportunities to invest and make money for yourself. It has been in existence for a good number of years. And if it is still in place today, we can simply conclude that it is worth giving a trial.

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