Bitcoinzar Review : Learn Everything About Bitcoin in South Africa

What is bitcoinzar?

Bitcoinzar is an outstanding website and blog that is based in South Africa and focuses on rendering the process of using bitcoins very easy in the country. We can say that the bitcoinzar website is a complete guide for everyone moving from newbies to experts on how to efficiently obtain and use bitcoin while minimizing expenditure and maximizing profit. It is also a useful guide for bitcoin investors who want to learn and know what it takes to grow wealth through bitcoin investments. Due to its efforts in revealing how bitcoin works and how a person can successfully obtain and use them, it is regarded as the unofficial bitcoin South Africa community.

Bitcoinzar came into existence as a bitcoin fan website which gained popularity thanks to its Facebook and Twitter pages. At some point in time, the website was repeatedly hacked what led to the development and creation of a more sophisticated and highly secured website known as which has been in existence till present date and has a great customer rating due to its efficient services. This later website has greatly grown its fan pages through several social medias by the provision of great and educative content that turns to help users in answering their questions about bitcoin and how to go about investing and growing their wealth with bitcoin.

How does the bitcoinzar work?

This website works or focuses on fully closing the gap between newbies and the advanced technological aspect of bitcoin. It does this through the use of a non-technical website and simple but highly educative tutorials which explain everything about bitcoins in a layman’s language for an even greater understanding. Visitors and users of this website are offered access to YouTube videos from within the website which are classed each in its respective category. These video categories are beginner, intermediate, and advanced. It is advisable for new users to start watching from the beginner’s level as this will build their foundation or base on what is bitcoin and how to stay away from bitcoin scams that can make away with their hard earned cash. Generally, users often find these videos very useful and educative.

In addition, the website is always keeping its users up to date with the most recent bitcoin exchanges in South Africa together with their transaction fees. It is also specialized in informing its users on how and where they can purchase, trade as well as safely store bitcoins in South Africa.

How to stay up to date on bitcoins with Bitcoinzar?

Keeping an up to date record about bitcoin has been made very easy with bitcoinzar. All you need to do is to subscribe to their website in order to be the first to receive all latest publications from them. In addition, you can also like and join their Facebook and Twitter pages in order to receive the latest bitcoin news, investment opportunities, and events. In addition, they also have a superfast response rate to all direct messages that they receive.

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