Bitcoin Ransom: 13 Years Old Kidnapped in South Africa

Reports reaching us says a 13 year old boy was kidnapped in South Africa. The kidnappers left a note demanding $123,000 worth of bitcoin for his release.
                                 The Note from the kidnappers
“This is a kidnapping … We demand ransom of 15 bitcoins to be paid into the below bitcoin wallet address to secure your child’s safe release – non-negotiable,”
This is the first case in South Africa since the creation of bitcoin in 2009.
The 13 years old boy was dragged into a Toyota corolla in a Town called WitBank Eastern Province of Mpumalanga IN South Africa. The boy was playing with his friends just before he was kidnapped.
The South African Police has confirmed the kidnapped and the ransom in bitcoin. The case is currently under investigation.
Hearing About Bitcoin for the First Time
The parents of the boys don’t know what bitcoin is. This is the hard way for them to know what bitcoin is and might hate it because it is the reason their son was kidnapped.  There are in need of their son while the kidnappers are in need of bitcoin.
The deadline set on  Monday the 21st  of  May has passed . Reports from the police says the  boy’s parents are traumatized by the situation.
                                         Does This Mean Bitcoin is Bad?
Bitcoin critics might find another reason to say bitcoin is a bad investment. There are hundreds of cases that had been reported in the world and in South Africa where a ransom was demanded in the local currency.
This does not make the dollar an illegal currency. Fraud is a common problem in our society. Anything created for a good purpose can be used for the wrong purpose equally.
Standing together to fight fraud will be a better thing to do than to accuse bitcoin as the cause. We wish the best to the family  of the boy kidnapped.

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