Bitcoin Investment: The $27 of bitcoin that worth $886k

           Bitcoin Investment: The  $27 of bitcoin that  worth $886k
In 2009,  Norwegian student by name Kristoffer Koch bought Bitcoin for 27$.  He did this just for fun as he was working on his thesis on encryption as reported by the media. In 2013(four years later), Bitcoin experience a sharp increase in value, which made it be all over the media. This made him remember he had bought some bitcoins. He had forgotten his password. He did everything to his best to get the password to his account and found 5000 bitcoins. In 2013 this was worth  $ 886 0000( XAF 498,819,569)
This guy withdrew part of the money and bought an apartment in  Oslo, the capital of Norway. He is a very rich person today with his $27 risk, thanks to Bitcoin aka the digital gold.
Because of his little investment as many called it the, he had featured on CNN, BBC, the guardian, metro, telegraph and more.
Today 5000 BTC is worth 13,441,109 at the moment I am updating this post.
Join the Bitcoin journey and let us make history in the evolution of money.
 The Good News About Future Investors?
The value of Bitcoin in 2013 was $266. Today it is $ 2700 at the moment this post is being updated.  Back in  June 2016 Bitcoin was worth $700. Thus it is no longer an issue of 4 years for you to enjoy profits in your bitcoin investment. Bitcoin is rising so fast as people are looking for the $100 000 price in the future.  Thus the good news is that is not too late to invest in bitcoins now.
How to get Bitcoins?
You are on crypto Africa, the home for Bitcoin in Africa. You can use our exchange platforms to buy bitcoins or contact us via email: Whatsapp: +237676664922 on how to get BTC.
Alternatively, you can invest some cash in Bitcoin mining.
There are several other websites where you can get bitcoins online.
   How can I convert Bitcoin to cash?
You  can sell Bitcoin on Crypto Africa Market
You can also use Bitcoin to buy goods and services online.
Feel like you missed Bitcoins?
Don’t feel like that Bitcoin will hit $100 000. It is not too late to invest you can get bitcoin for $500, $ 1000 or more and enjoy profits. Join our membership area to learn how to make profits with bitcoins.

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