Bitcoin Instant Payment Platform BitBucks Now Completed with Android Wallet

Finally BitBucks is complete! From now on the BitBucks payment wallet is not only available on iOS but also for download on the Google Play Store. Simply pay with bitcoin by using the phone number of a friend – and all, within seconds. Get the BitBucks app on Android now!

Android is by far the most popular used operating system for mobile devices. So it’s only logical for us at BitBucks to make our new Bitcoin payment app available on the Google Play Store. As of today, all Android smartphone users can download the BitBucks wallet and start to pay with bitcoin.

Payments within the app run quite simply via phone numbers: Just send the desired amount to the number of a friend or business partner and within seconds the bitcoins are received on the respective account. There will be no long waiting times for transactions with BitBucks. Even if the recipient does not have the wallet yet, the payment is made and credited to the account after registration.

What is BitBucks?

We at BitBucks provide a solution that integrates Bitcoin into everyday life. We strongly believe that userfriendly payments are the key to achieve this goal. Every payment within the app can be calculated in your desired currency and will be made offchain. This way we help Bitcoin to remain decentralized, as the blockchain is kept free of microtransactions.

In addition, BitBucks attaches great importance to a secure and stable digital infrastructure: In order to provide the highest possible security for payments, the coins are securely stored on multi-signature addresses. The use of “cold storage” makes any theft of the Bitcoin impossible.

The future begins now!

Get BitBucks for Android now and download the wallet from the Google Play Store (for the iOS version click here). BitBucks is for everyone! Be ready and start using instant and simple bitcoin payments with BitBucks.

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BitBucks is an app to send Bitcoins instantly to any phone number
Download our Wallet on iOS now:

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