Bitcoin Blockchain and Cryptocurrency : 2017 Flashback

2017 had been one of the most exciting years in the crypto industry and to bitcoin in particular. Millions of people around the world did wake up from their slumber to benefit from the Satoshi revolution. This  can be seen by the birth of crypto lending platforms,thousands of ICOs, 100 000% increase in some cryptos,the china ICO suspension among others. In this post we are going to discover how the industry has evolve  and what 2018 hold for us. Blockchain technology has gain alot of popularity this year as  top companies like Microsoft,Uber among others have join in making crypto better as it is the currency of the future.
Cryptocurrencies are digital assets that can be used as a medium of exchange. The technology has been put in place thanks to ”Blockchain Technology”. This technology is what i describe as banking for the people as those having cryptocurrencies can know the actual profits they have made in a given period opposed to banks that works on math who formula is never told to the students.
During the year 2017, crypt0currencies felt the effect of two great investors J.P Morgan (Negative effect) and MCafee(Positive). 2017 gave the industry the first block chain bank which will become operational in 2018(Bankera).
The year 2017 led to the birth of the first cryptcouurency lending platform  and cryptocurency (Bitconnect ). With the advent of bictonnect several other lending platforms had come into the market such as regalcoin,Hextra coin,Western coin among others.
2017 had been a blessing to crypto traders,investors and miners as most of the currencies exploded in value .
2017 has been a year of fund raising as hundreds of block chain project were realized thanks to smart contracts and ICOs. Check out some key points in the next sections of the post.

2017 had been a year  for bitcoin forks .
1.Bitcoin Cash: 1 August 2017.                     2. Bitcoin Gold24 October 2017.                3. Bitcoin Diamond,24 November 2017. 
4. UnitedBitcoin: 12 December 2017,        5. Bitcoin Hot ,12 December 2017,              6. Super Bitcoin,12 December 2017,
7. BitcoinX: 12 December 2017,                  8.Lightning Bitcoin,12 December 2017,          9.Bitcoin Top: 26 December 2017
10.Bitcoin God: forked on 27th December 2017 
11. Bitcoin FILE: forked on 27th December 2017 12.
 12. Bitcoin SegWit2X X11 , forked on the 28th of December 2017.
Come January 2018 we will expect bitcoin Pizza, Bitcoin Cash Plus, Bitcoin Smart,Bitcoin Interest, Bitcoin Lite and Bitcoin Atom as other forked versions of bitcoin. Let us get to the figure of the year 2017.

The Crypto Market and Coin Value
$500 billion+  is the market cap in the crypto industry at the moment i am posting this .
Below are the top 14 currencies in January 2017  and December 2017 and their values

          JANUARY 2017                         DECEMBER 2017
# Name Price # Name Price
 1 Bitcoin $963.06 1  
2 Ethereum $8.26 2 Ethereum $719.85
3 Ripple $0.006540 3  
4 Litecoin $4.37 4  
Bitcoin Cash
5 Monero $13.58 5  
6 Ethereum Classic $1.45 6  
7 Dash $11.26 7  
8 MaidSafeCoin $0.099184 8  
9 Augur $3.79 9  
10 Steem $0.170216 10  
11 NEM $0.003666 11  
12 Iconomi $0.313083 12  
Bitcoin Gold
13 Factom $2.97 13  NEO
14 Waves $0.244410 14  
15 Dogecoin $0.000225 15  

Table source:
Looking at my top 5 cryptocurrencies this year, we can see the following


*963$ to 16000( Remember bitcoin has passed 19000$ this year)
*This means if you invested 100$ here  in January you should have about 1600$ now.


*8$ to 785$
*100$ invesment in Januray is worth $9800 today


*from 4$ to 300$
*100$ investment here is worth 7500$ at the moment this post is being updated.


from 0.0065 to 1.1$
100$ investment here is worth $16900 a


from 0.017 to 3.28
100$ investment in January is worth 19200 today.
These amounts are worth million in most African countries. If you keep listening to book economist. If you keep listening to billionaires like JP Morgan, Warren Buffet and others who tell you this or that against bitcoin, then you will probably be left behind. You might have missed 2017 and it time for you to take a decision now so that we can both write this post come  December 2018.

What Are the Challenges?

Overall 2017 had been the most successful year in the history of cryptocurrencies since 2009.
*The cryptocurrency indstry is still challenged with the high volatility .
*The chinese ban on ICO made the 2017 year  very challenging.
*The drop of bitcoin from 19000$ to 10000$ in December caused panicking among investors.
*The high fees in involve in bitcoin transactions made the year challenging
*Slow confirmation in bitcoin transactions  constitute a major challenge  to bitcoin investors.
*Bitcoin still need a challenger with it >50% market dorminance.

  What Next?
As you can see, in all most cryptocurrencies increased in value upto 100 000% this year. what to do next is to get into  the industry and secure a future for your children, your family and for the next generation to come.
There is need to diversify get money into altcoins as they actually constitute the future currencies.
We are looking for the trillion dollar industry come 2018. Thus need for  current investors to create awareness on bitcoin,block chain technology and cryptocurrencies.
I agree that there is high risk involve in crypto investment. There is one thing i know
”NO Risk ,No Success”
Getting some cash into Ripple,Bitcoin,Cardano,NEM,Verge and EOS can be worth it in 2018.
You are advice to do your own research as there are several other coins that can  be invested in in 2018.
What are the best coin to invest in if you have any.  Feel free to ask question and make contribution to our post in the comment section.

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  1. Look how everybody was doubting in BTC and still, always coming back – its just the first and best cryptocoin. For sure there are some possibly good alt-coins like Verticoin out there, but the majority might be scam just looking for quick profit and then disappear.. Ripple was pumped by the media even, backed by banks the hype was big, but there will be bagholders – to big supply! BTC just has 21Million Coins in total once all mined, thats what will surge the price up and the reason i stick to that!!
    At these prices i use cloudmining to get more coins! Already in
    Legit company in my opinion, really happy with the gains!
    found another young mining company that does look good as well, but not as long in business like hashflare, so here more risky, but the reward much higher! -> just make sure you make daily withdrawl, to get back your initial investment first and then free ride!!!
    2 year Cloud Mining Contracts. 50 days or less ROI. until the 30th of January use promocode XMAS30BTC for 30% off 20 TH/s (cost with promo is $1792) or more TH/s – you can buy it with Litecoin or Bitcoin.
    They are new. Trying to steal market shares from Hashflare and Genesis!! If you don’t want 20 TH/s or more, use the 10% off code HAPPY2018
    Just sharing a thought, up to you guys – make your own DD, best to you and yours
    But if you want just invest in stocks – I do recommend you GROW (US Global Investors, they invested big in ETH) or DPW (Digital Power, they want to buy thousands of antminers), my investments at least

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