Binance Charity Runs Campaign to Fight COVID-19 in Kenya

Binance Charity Runs Campaign to Fight COVID-19 in Kenya

Since creation, Binance has been regularly running campaigns. This time around, Binance Charity is running a campaign called #SewMasksForAll to fight COVID-19 in Kenya. This campaign aims to raise funds for the MamaToTheRescue project, which will greatly empower Kenyan women. Through this campaign, Binance Charity will acquire and donate sewing machines to 20 beneficiaries. The women that receive these machines will make masks that will be sold for a profit to feed individuals via the Mama To The Rescue food campaign.

Amazingly, the #SewMasksForAll is not only fighting Covid-19 but also creating jobs, reducing hunger, alleviating poverty, and improving on living standards. Helen Hai, Head of Binance Charity said, “Beyond finding ways to support these families economically, this project helps women battle other issues, such as gender inequality. Sometimes the underprivileged need help and access to the right set of tools to get on the right track of beating socio-economic problems.”

It is worth noting that Binance Charity is working towards raising an amount of $5,000 for this task. Anyone who wishes to encourage and/or support can donate using BTC, ETH, BNB, XRP, and BUSD.

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