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One of our objective is to provide quality information to the African audience when it comes to bitcoin and cryptocurrencies.  As a topcryptocurrency information source , we believe get into information from far and new will better our activities as well as get a large number of people involve in our team.
Crytocurrencies and block chain technology has gain a lot of popularity in the past years. we will there need those that have something to offer on anything related to this innovation to join our editorial team to get started.
Those who are interested in learning about cryptocurrencies can equally join us and follow the market trends with us while contributing on our website.
News, tutorial, block chain meet ups,technical analysis and others. We will not accept post with links that are not worth it and will not accept post that contains referral links. Only quality post will be posted after submitting to our editorial team.
By becoming a contributor on our website exposes you to our markets. For those who have passion for supporting Africa, this is an opportunity to do so.
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After that send an email to with your user name.
Feel free to contact us for more proposal . You can equally use the comment section Below to leave us news.

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