Applying Blockchain Technology To Intellectual Property Services To Speed Up The Process Of Rights Protection

According to a report on the chinese publication ” People’s Daily”, recently, at various local conferences, how to improve intellectual property protection and continuously optimize the business environment has received great attention.

 Wen Xueqian, member of the Sichuan Provincial Political Consultative Conference and deputy chairman of the Zhigong Party’s Sichuan Tianfu

New District Chengdu Branch, proposed that the decentralized and non-tamperable technical attributes of blockchain technology are the most fair, open and transparent technology tools, if applied to In the field of intellectual property services, process registration in the encrypted state can be realized, the application process for rights protection can be simplified, and the progress of rights protection can be accelerated. Use the emerging technology means such as blockchain technology to build an intellectual property service platform, establish an operational mechanism of “government support, policy guidance, and enterprise subject”, and cooperate with relevant government departments, courts, platforms, enterprises and other relevant parties to enable intellectual property rights.

The rights deposit, rights declaration and rights confirmation in the process of protection, real-time transactions, interest distribution in the transaction process, evidence fixation in the process of rights protection, evidence collection, online trial, judgment enforcement, etc. It is well documented and reasonable. 

Many countries and organizations around the world have begun to use blockchain technology to carry out intellectual property protection applications, especially in the fields of music, creative design, graphic images and other cultural and creative industries, and have achieved good application results.

The use of blockchain technology in Africa for human right protection is is still in the process and might take some time.

Do you know any African country that is making use of block chin technology to protect human rights?

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