Announcing Abuja Blockchain & Digital Assets Conference 2019

Blockchains have revolutionized the financial world in a way that they catch even the attention of onlookers. It is in the light of creating awareness, promoting its daily use, and coming up with strategies to educate the general public and the Nigerian Government that a Blockchain and Digital Assets conference will be held in Abuja from the 4th to the 5th of October, 2019. It will unfold precisely at the Abuja Sheraton Hotel, Abuja Nigeria with the Theme: The Blockchain Trust Architecture for Governance and Public service.

It is without doubt that Blockchain-based solutions possess the potentials to make easier and efficient governmental operations at different levels. In simple terms, the Blockchain-bases solutions have the potential to improve on the delivery of public services while simultaneously increasing trust in the public sector. Education is the key to release such potentials and benefit from them.

This will also have to do with getting the right people at the federal, state, and local government levels engaged. They’ll have to be excited and educated about the importance and power of the blockchain technology in this modern era. Once the right people at the right positions understand the promises of the blockchain technology and see new and better solutions it offers to existing problems that the current infrastructures are struggling with, they’ll actively embrace it. It is then that government processes will start being retooled.

The Abuja Blockchain & Digital Assets Conference 2019 which happens to be the third edition of the conferences curated by Blockchain Nigeria User Group was planned to facilitate the process of outreaching the right persons occupying the right positions. This is not new to the Nigeria User Group, a sub-set organization of Blockchain Technology Users (OBTU). OBTU is a duly registered Incorporated Trust with Nigeria’s CAC. This conference which is hosted by experts will converge to brainstorming on how blockchain and other emerging technologies of the 4th Industrial Revolution can be efficiently leveraged by the Nigerian Government and all her Agencies across the country in order to improve or ameliorate public service delivery.

It will be a two-day event featuring project presentations, discussion segments, workshops, and training. Register now if you want to participate. The Conference also offers opportunities for partners and sponsors.

Who is to attend:

  • Policy Makers, Regulators, Lawyers
  • Enthusiasts, Developers & Solution architects
  • Crypto-Assets Traders & Managers
  • Blockchain platform innovators and providers
  • Blockchain Practitioners
  • Civil servants & Government employees thinking about or already experimenting with the technologies
  • Digital Transformers: Those desiring to know how this technology can be used in streamlining their activities


What will be discussed:

  • Blockchain applied in governance
  • Integrating blockchain with current activities and operations
  • Skills and Talents needed to support the Blockchain projects
  • Unravelling the mysteries of true digital transformation
  • Handling challenges with blockchain
  • Security, Risks, and Future possibilities of Blockchains

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