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Afranew Buy and Sell Bitcoin in Ghana


A simple glance at Google’s present trends concerning Bitcoin in Africa will reveal that Ghana comes at the highest position. In this country, more than half of its youths are involved in cryptocurrency. And talking of cryptocurrency in Ghana is talking of the leading Bitcoin currency. Hence, the demand of bitcoin in Ghana is really high. At times, many people even find it difficult to purchase bitcoins for use in this country. That’s why the brains behind Afranew brought it into existence.

In addition, the world has greatly advanced and we cannot talk of modern financial platforms or businesses without including the facilities which are brought by mobile devices. And given that millions of Ghanaians do possess smart phones, Afranew decided to incorporate mobile features in their platforms.

What is Afranew?

Afranew is a modern digital financial website in Ghana that offers to all its users the ability to purchase Bitcoin through their mtn mobile money accounts. In addition, this platform also allows it users to sell their bitcoins to other users and make money. What is even more interesting here is that you are given the ability to sell on the website at a zero fee.

How does Afranew work?

Perhaps, you are a newbie in Bitcoin Trading and are wondering what it takes to successfully go about this activity. We must say here that this website was designed to meet the needs of newbiews as well as experts in trading bitcoins.

Upon visiting their website, you’ll find a WhatsApp number which you can always feel free to contact for support and the resolution of every single problem encountered along the process of trading. The site also displays a list of bitcoin wallets from among which you can choose that from which you’ll purchase your bitcoins. Once you have already chosen the bitcoin wallet, the next thing to do will be to click on “buy” and you are good to received your bitcoins. During the buying process, you’ll be required to pay a GHS 2 fee. But when selling, you don’t need to pay any fee. You sell your bitcoins by clicking on “add wallet” which is situated somewhere on the menu.

The process of buying bitcoins in Ghana through Afronew

As a buyer on this platform, you will need to pay a GHS 2 fee for every single order that you initiate. Note here that the size of the order does not matter. Afronew was designed to securely hold your money in their escrow until the moment that the seller sends your coins. It also offers the ability for you to bargain and make sure that you are maximizing your profit.

Many people love this platform because it allows you to instantly pay with mobile money and immediately receive your bitcoins. It creates an arena where you can purchase bitcoins in a highly competitive market that has so many sellers. It offers completely anonymous transactions. Hence, you’ll not have to worry about having a third party watching all your financial movements. In addition, you can always call them at any time for assistance whenever you encounter a problem.

The Process of selling bitcoins in Ghana through Afronew

We’ll start by saying that no matter the size of the order that you make, you won’t pay any fees. As a seller, you are exposed to thousands of potential buyers who can help grow your wealth through their purchases. You’ll not have to send your coins to Afronew. You’ll just be required to send them to the buyer and immediately they reach destination, the Afronew escrow feature releases the money sent by the buyer into your reach. You can easily bargain and make greater profits. All transactions are anonymous. You can share your profile online as well as offline with other users and get more buyers. In addition, you can always contact them for the resolution of all the problems that you can encounter along the way.


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