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Today with the increasing growth in digital technology, the fintech industry is about to take another dimension with digital money (cryptocurrencies). At the moment when Africa currencies are faced with devaluation, getting education on digital currencies will act as an eye opener to African at all levels. Every day, the number of businesses, entrepreneurs, startups and consumers adopting the block chain technology are being recorded. There is thus need for Africa to get involve in creating the crypto currency of the future. This is why we have brought to you Crypto Africa.

Crypto Africa is an online platform created to educate Africans on cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology. On this platform, users will be able to learn about cryptocurrencies, get news on cryptocurrencies, buy cryptocurrencies, sell cryptocurrencies and even get certified for taking crypto trainings. We equally have a forum where users of our platform can meet and share ideas on this technology of the future. We offer educational services through training and seminars, selling of bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies and provide a market why buyers and sellers of cryptocurrency can meet and carry out trade. We believe in future Africa which is starts now with digital currency. Welcome digital Africa with Crypto Africa.


Africa is the next stop for digital growth. The fintech industry is one of the industries that can be exploited. The use of cryptocurrencies in Africa is not pronounced compared to Europe , Asia and America. With the high rate of poverty in Africa, African are looking for better opportunities to invest in given the failing fiat currencies used in various countries of the continent. We have had people transform $100 to $2500 thanks to the volatility of cryptocurrencies.

Africans are ready to take part in any revolutionary technology that is beneficial to them. This can be seen with the success of mobile money and the increasing use of smart phones. This makes Africa a place equipped to take off with the use of cryptocurrencies in their daily activities. Access to knowledge and believing cryptocurrencies is a concept for the western world had been one of the major reasons for the slow growth in the use of digital currencies in the continent. We providing trading opportunities with payment methods available in Africa and provide content created by Africans.

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Cryptoafrica and WorldOsse

Cryptoafrica is one of the company under Worldosse and Associate which focus solemly on the learning/Teaching, Trading and aquisition of cryptocurrency in africa. WorldOsse a digital company that focuses on digitization of the world. Our team walk you through the concept of digitization , get you into it ad blow your mind with excellent results. Be it in terms of conversions, leads, ROI , and even making you a digital boss if you wish we pride ourselves on being able to effectively combine cut-through creative content with the right digital technologies to deliver results and business growth. we pride ourselves on being able to effectively combine cut-through creative content with the right digital technologies to deliver results and business growth.



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