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We are a crypto-friendly community of educators, traders, developers seeking to push the adoption of cryptocurrency in our localities and Africa as a whole.
Join us and be a part of the bitcoin revolution.

Be Crypto Educated

Find answers to recurring questions and myths about Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies.

Trade your Bitcoin

Find people looking to buy or sell bitcoin in your locality for swift trades.

Engage & Learn

Get to learn from the experience of other community members while sharing yours.


Bitcoin Escrow Services

When transacting with an untrusted party we can be your middle-man to ensure transparency.

Crypto Literacy

We teach businesses and individuals how to buy, store, use, and account for their bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

Blockchain Consulting

Have a blockhain project and do not know where to start ? We are right here to help

Crypto Apparel

Reinforce your identity with custom Bitcoin Tshirts, bands etc.

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Bassama Kana
Angu Ransom
Enstine Muki
Boris B.
Cryptocurrency Certified 90%
Blockchain Intuition 85%
Digital Marketing 90%
Pro Blogging 90%


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