Sharder ICO Review: Decentralized Block Chain Cloud Storage

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ICO are  the hottest  investments when it comes to blockchain and cryptocurrencies today. With thousands of projects listed on the various ICO listing sites, it is important to get more details  from others. Today we will talk about sharder an ICO from China and is bringing Cloud storage to blockchain.

What is Sharder?

Sharder is a cross-chain distributed storage protocol. Comparative to Airbnb, Users of Sharder can receive Sharder tokens by sharing their extra storage space. This is implanted through the Sharder public chain which creates a decentralised, efficient, secure, and permanent sharing network.

What problem Does Sharder Solve?

– Storage space that is wasted
– Problems with cloud storage solutions such as a lack of security, slow user experience, idle storage space and prohibited costs
– Decreasing global storage space

Sharder Solutions for the problems

Through the combination of Sharder-KEY-PAIR technology and Sharder-UTXO, access toward data will only be accessible through credentials. Sharder also employs offline data encryption & spontaneous data sharding to ensure maximum security/privacy.

A main solution is the Sharder Network is decetralised and autonomous. Users will have complete control of their data through distributed nodes that are continuously online. Not only this, but users can feel safe knowing their data won’t go missing due to technical malfunctions.

The cross-chain Sharder Network is comprised of countless nodes with unlimited extendibility. In real-time, watcher nodes synchronize the entire network, reduce redundancies, and increase space utilization. Smart routers are also used to optimize the performance of the network in high stress situations.

Data centers present high costs due to the large expenses to operate. These expenses are passed down to the consumers, charging high prices to access data. One part of Sharder Protocols ecosystem is One fair market, which resolves the expense by ensuring prices are controlled by its subscribers data supply and demand.

Now all this sounds great, having the capabilities to store data through better solution BUT we haven’t even got to the best part !! The commercial application of Sharder Protocol is anyone will be able to develop DApps on it!!

The ecosystem already consists of four main DApps:
One Fair: A transparent, open-source, peer-to-peer free market based on the Sharder Chain & Sharder Protocol. Users on the network will be rewarded with Sharder tokens for allowing Sharder Network to utilize their idle storage space. These tokens can be used on One Fair to purchase data or sold on an outside exchange.

Bean Cloud– An application which provides storage, proof, & security services for data. Bean Cloud will store data such as e-contracts, payment vouchers, and investment records in the Sharder Network. It can be utilized by many industries including, but not limited to, banks, medical care & e-commerce.

– Sharder Brain– An intelligent data service for individuals & enterprises. Sharder Brain will develop AI, smart devices, IoT, & unsupervised learning.

Sharder Matrix– Stores an individual’s personal data such as their biological data (DNA), medical records, and growth logs.

Ben Xiong: 15 years of experience in programming ,B.E. in software from Shanghai Jiaotong University, Architect of Seachange, Chief Architect of Yiji Pay (ranks third on Deloitte’s High Tech, High Growth Top 50 in China), Co-founder and CTO of, Founder of Conch Chain

Other Group members have experience in Alipay ( third-party mobile and online payment platform created by Alibaba Group), Yeji Payment ( ranked 3rd in Deloitte’s High Tech, High Growth because its revenue increased by 50 times in the past three years) and Tencent ( Chinese multinational investment holding conglomerate with yearly revenue of 15.9 billion CNY)

My personal favorite about the project is the token economics:
Hard cap: 10,000 ETH. (If Eth is $900, Then ONLY 9 mill USD)
Circulating Supply: 250 mill
Total Supply: 500 mill
Token price (USD): $0.0357 (extremely cheap)
ICO date: Feb 23rd
Minimum investment: 1 ETH
Crowdsale hard cap: 8500 ETH

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